Transform Your Space With The Irresistible Allure Of Premade Curtains

Transform Your Space With The Irresistible Allure Of Premade Curtains

Custom-made curtains take time to make, so some homeowners opt for the readymade options instead. This way, you don’t have to wait too long. With readymade curtains, you can transform your home with a style splash to the windows.

If you want an instant home makeover, consider changing or upgrading to readymade curtains.

Why You Should Embrace the Premade Options

Stock curtains come in different sizes. This makes it easier for homeowners to find a match for their track or pole. With the right combination, it’s easier to hang the curtains correctly and give your home interior the perfect look.

Here are some reasons why this is a worthwhile option.

Cost Effective

Compared to custom options, pre-sewn curtains are lower priced and can be purchased anywhere. Getting a quote is also easier if you need to budget. Some retailers offer returns if the purchase doesn’t meet your expectations. You can’t always get a money-back guarantee if a curtain is custom-made.


These off-the-shelf curtains don’t need any adjustments. Once a decision has been made, you only have to place your order. You don’t need to wait until they are made or for someone to install them specifically for you.

As mentioned, custom-made curtains take time to make. The premade options are ready to go and can be modified. This makes it much easier to make a purchasing decision.

Variety of Choices Available

While custom curtain options offer more flexibility in terms of styles and designs, there is still a wide selection for those who want stock curtains. Depending on where you source them, there are different linings, lengths, styles, and fabrics.

Choosing the Right Size

Besides looking good, a curtain needs to cover your window properly. The curtain won’t function as required if you don’t find the right size. For that reason, you must have accurate measurements to ensure that readymade options fit well.

Measuring Drop and Width

It’s easier to get the dimensions when the rail and tracks are fitted. Use a steel tape measure for enhanced accuracy. Measure the whole length of each of the curtain tracks. The drop measurement depends on how you want the curtains to look. To be above the window sill, measure from the rail or track and leave it at 1 centimetre above floor level (or halfway between the window and the radiator). To be below the window sill, add some 15 cm and 2.5 cm above the floor level if you want a floor drop.

Judge the Curtain Gather

All styles of curtains need a certain amount of gather. This is dependent on the heading styles, personal preference, and the nature of the fabric. Typically, the curtains need to be double the width of your track or pole. The same applies for pencil pleat curtains. Eyelet curtains, however, require more room, so you should multiply the measurements by 2.5 instead.

Know the Sizes Available to Make the Right Choice

Ready made curtains are available in specified sizes. As such, you won’t always get a precise fit. The available sizes depend on the manufacturer. However, typical widths are 117, 168, and 228 cm. The most common drops are 137, 182, and 228 cm.

Consider some workarounds if you fail to find a size close to the fit you want. If it is too long, take the curtain up. In the case of width, you can round either up or down. For example, = get a smaller fit for a curtain with heavy pencil pleats. If you choose an eyelet kind or lightweight curtain, settle for extra width.

There are lots of variables to think of. It’s always better to contact the seller or supplier for further guidance if in doubt.

Get the Most Out of the Shelf Curtains

Premade curtains can quickly transform your living space . Since they are easy to purchase and ready to use, the changes are instant. With the right ideas, it’s relatively easy to find the perfect fit. Even with the limited flexibility in terms of customisation, it’s a quicker and more affordable fix compared to the tailor-made alternative.

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