Cabinet Hardware Placement: Where to Put Knobs

Cabinet Knob and Handles Placement: How And Where to Place Them

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. It is not just a room where food is cooked but a place where the heart of the home lies. The kitchen is used to store many things like eatables, cooking utensils, crockery, and raw ingredients required to make the food. To store all these things, you require cabinets.

Therefore, you can say that it is impossible to imagine a kitchen without cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can be both modular and built-in. There is one more thing that holds equal importance in cabinets, and that is kitchen hardware.

The cabinet hardware, i.e., knobs and handles, are functional elements that help to open these cabinets and drawers. They have their significance in the kitchen’s interior in terms of design and function.

Importance of Knobs and Handles

Just like cabinets are an essential part of the kitchen, knobs, and handles are the essential parts of cabinets. Knobs and handles serve as the means to open and close the cabinets. There are a lot of design options available for both knobs and handles to make them attractive. But not only is it important to have attractive designs but also you should know where to put knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets for better functionality.

Difference Between a Knob and a Handle

Knobs and handles both are used to open the doors. Then how are they different? Well, there are a lot of differences between both of them. It is easy to distinguish between knobs and handles by seeing them. Knobs have a circular head that makes them attractive when installed in kitchen cabinets. They look graceful in the kitchen. Contrary to this, handles, also known as pulls, are long and wide in comparison to circular-shaped knobs. They have a more modern touch.

Difference Between a Knob and a Handle

Handles have a better grip than knobs. Handles help to open the drawers easily. They are also more durable. Knobs are useful for small doors and cabinets. On the other hand, handles can be used for both small as well as large cabinets. They offer a better holding mechanism in comparison to the knobs.

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Design Variations Available in Knobs and Handles

Knobs and handles both offer various designs that can be chosen to get the desired look. There are modern as well traditional designs available in both of them. You can select the knobs or handles according to the look you want to achieve.

From stainless steel, wood, and plastic to glass, there are many options from which you can select the most appropriate one for your kitchen’s interior. Surprisingly, customized knobs are also available nowadays that give a unique look to the kitchen.

One more important factor to be considered is the size of the knobs and handles. If the knobs and handles aren’t appropriate, you won’t be able to hold them, and then they would be nothing more than a showpiece for you.

Importance of Knowing Where to Put Knobs and Handles on Kitchen Cabinets

It is important that the knobs and handles should be placed in the appropriate place for the functionality as well as the appearance of the cabinets. Below mentioned are the reasons why you should install the knobs and handles in the correct position.

1. Symmetry Symbolizes Balance

If the knobs and handles are not placed properly, the look of the kitchen will be spoiled. If you randomly place the knobs and handles, you won’t be able to achieve symmetry. The symmetric placement of knobs and handles will make the kitchen more attractive.

2. Handles and Knobs Should Be Easily Accessible

For the cabinets that are placed high, the knobs and handles should be placed at a certain height from which they could be easily opened without using any stool. The cabinets placed below should be placed at such a point where you don’t have to bend unnecessarily to open them.

3. Ease in Opening and Closing the Cabinets

The selection of the exact location is very important. If the knobs and handles are placed in the correct position, it will facilitate the easy opening and closing of the cabinets. On the other hand, if you place them in the wrong position, you will find it difficult to open and close the cabinets. So, take your own time and then find the best location.

Where to Put Knobs and Handles on Kitchen Cabinets?

Once you have selected the hardware for your cabinets, the next step that should be given importance is to know where to put knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets so that you can open and close the cabinets without any problem. Installation of knobs and handles is an easy process and can be done in a few quick steps. All you need is to be a little alert so that you find out the dimensions accurately.

The steps involved in the installation of the knobs and handles are summarised below.

1. Know the Dimensions of Your Cabinets and Drawers

Know the Dimensions of Your Cabinets and Drawers

The first and most important step is to know the dimensions of your cabinet. This will give you precise information about the number of knobs you will need for the cabinets. To find the exact dimensions, use a measuring tape. Before using the tape, make certain that there are no faults in the tape, else you won’t be able to find the exact measurements.

For a 24-inch drawer, one knob would be sufficient. On the other hand, drawers that are wider than a 24-inch drawer would need 2 knobs.

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2. Find out The Exact Location

Find out The Exact Location

Now the next step is to know the exact place where you should place your knob. It would be easy if you divided your drawer equally into three rows and three columns. If you are placing one knob, then it should be placed exactly in the center of the second row and second column. If you are placing two knobs, then; the first knob should be placed on the first column of the second row, and; the second knob should be placed in the third column of the same row.

This division can be made with the help of painter’s tape. This will save your drawer and the cabinets from the marks of pencils or markers. Once you are done with marking, you can remove the tape. The installation of the knobs and handles mechanism is different for the cabinets and drawers.

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3. For the Base Cabinet

For the Base Cabinet

In the case of the base cabinets, install the knobs on the opposite side of the hinges. Installing on the same side will be of no use. Before you make the markings, open the cabinets to ensure that you have made the markings in the right place. The vertical distance between the top of the door and the knob should be 2.5-3 inches, and the horizontal distance should be a minimum of one inch. It is provided so that the door can be easily opened and closed by the people.

4. For Wall Cabinet

For Wall Cabinet

While placing the knobs on the wall cabinets, ensure that they are placed at the bottom corner. The vertical distance between the knob and the bottom of the door should be approximately 2.5-3 inches, and the horizontal distance should be a minimum of 1 inch. It would help you easily open and close the cabinets. If the drawers are large, you can consider placing the knobs or handles in the center, but first, ensure that you won’t need support like stools to reach the knob.

5. For Knobs to Be Placed on Drawers

For Knobs to Be Placed on Drawers

Find the center of the drawer, and you can either place the knob on the center of the drawer or the upper one-third of the drawer. You can also place the knob at a distance of 2 to 3 inches from the top of the drawer. This will make the knobs easily accessible, and you can pick up things with minimal effort.

6. For Base Handles

For Base Handles

If you are placing handles on the wall cabinets, then the process is similar to the process of installing knobs on the cabinets. You need to find out the number of handles that will be required. Once you have found the number of handles required, you can choose the suitable color and design of the handles for your kitchen and install them in the cabinets.

7. For Handles on Base Cabinets

For Handles on Base Cabinets

First of all, measure the length and the height of your drawer. Now, find the midpoint of the drawer both in terms of length and height. After that, find the exact center of the drawer. Then measure the length of the handle. Using a measuring tape, find the length of the handle. Divide the distance into two halves. From the center point of the door, measure equal distances on both sides and mark the points where you need to drill the holes.

Once the drilling is done with the drilling machine, you can install the handle using bolts or screws.


A kitchen is a place where you get the energy to work for the whole day. Kitchens are incomplete without cabinets and; knobs and handles are required to open and close the cabinets and doors.

Though; they are just small elements, they still play a significant role in deciding the outlook of the room. It is not only important to select the perfect design of knobs and handles for the drawers, but you should also know where to put knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets so that symmetry is maintained.

On the other hand, if the knobs and handles aren’t placed in the correct place, you will find everything looks cluttered. For an attractive and functional kitchen, find out the exact dimensions of the drawers and cabinets, then; with the help of the proper tools, install the knobs or handles on the desired point, and then you are done.

You can take expert help if you are uncertain about the exact process. Once you are done with everything, enjoy the hustle-free process kitchen with your family.

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