Fabulous Green Decor Ideas For Your Bathroom

17 Fabulous Green Decor Ideas For Your Bathroom

Shades of Green are known for their calming and relaxing effect. Each shade is associated with peace, growth, and harmony.

Hence, updating your bathroom with a green color scheme can be truly invigorating. Numerous green bathroom  is timeless, inspirational, and ideal for breaking the blues.

The versatile palette provides shades of Green to choose a suitable one for your bathroom. Implement green tiles, curtains, or marble floors to solve the purpose of creating a green bathroom.

Green Bathroom Decor Ideas

In this listicle, you can find some of the best tips and tricks on decorating the bathroom with a green color scheme. You can pick any shade from dense dark green to light pastel greens for your bathroom decor.

1. Enhance Beauty By Adding Plants And Lights

A green bathroom decor adds beauty, functionality, and serenity to the space where it is located. Adding plants and light can help to accentuate the bathroom. You can hang plants and lights from the ceiling to illuminate your bathroom.

Enhance Beauty By Adding Plants And Lights 

2. Green-Stained Cabinet

The main elements to consider when designing a green bathroom include hue or stain. Stained cabinets add another layer of drama and make your storage space more interesting. Choose wisely in order to create your dream bathroom.

Green-Stained Cabinet

3. Vintage Style Green Bat

Green is a great color for a neutral-looking bathroom because it brings us back to nature and feels soothing and inviting. It is a calming color and therefore is an ideal color for the bathroom, which is mostly used at night. Hence, a deep green, vintage-style bathtub can be a great addition.

Vintage Style Green Bat

4. Textured Green Walls

Irrespective of your bathroom size, you can still get creative by adding the right hues of Green.  With so many shades of Green available, choosing the right hue will come down to your bathroom’s style and décor. And a green textured wall can help you achieve the same.

Textured Green Walls

5. Forest Green Shades

We love the modern twist to this bathroom design, with the funky prints that bring a little extra color into the space but do not overwhelm the green theme. Cool, funky design green tiles can aid in achieving a green bathroom.

Forest Green Shades

6. Embrace Light Green

You do not just need to use Green to make a dramatic effect; you can also make a serene, fresh-looking bathroom design using light Green. Light green marble-effect wallpaper may be particularly effective in a smaller bathroom because it prevents the walls from feeling flat, but it will still make the space look open and airy.

Embrace Light Green

7. Sage Green

Almost neutral, sage is a touch of Green without intensity and is even easier on the eyes. Apart from the dark green color, a light shade of pistachio, mint or sage tile will give your bathroom a lighter, more vibrant look.

sage green

8. Striped Green Bathroom Wall

Teal green is a soothing color that reminds us of the sea, and what better way to add a dash of tropicality than your bathroom? A green tea wall with thin white stripes accentuates the green decor of the bathroom.

Striped Green Bathroom Wall

9. Mint Green Bathroom

From using mint green in vanities, cabinets, and fixtures to simply installing mint green tiles on your bathroom floor, you can transform your bathroom into a green one.

Mint Green Bathroom 

10. Subtle Green Decor

Green can serve as a base color for the design of a bathroom, or it can simply serve as an accent color. Little things such as green candles, hand towels, or bathroom mats are perfect to create a monochrome environment.

Subtle Green Decor

11. Brass And Green Contrast

Add some spice to the existing monochrome environment with brass hardware and pistachio green cabinets. The contrast can help to display the modern energy in your green bathroom.

Brass And Green Contrast

12. Funky Prints On Walls

Painting your bathroom in a darker shade of Green would give the overall effect of being darker, but painting your vanity dark green while keeping your walls white gives the room a dramatic personality while keeping the look bright. Or you can embrace nature by bringing some natural, cool, and funky prints on the bathroom walls.

Funky Prints On Walls

13. Pop Of White, Green, And Gold

We can create a comforting atmosphere by utilizing sophisticated colors such as white, light green, and gold. White cabinets with gold knobs and green walls curate a magnificent look.

Pop Of White, Green, And Gold​

14. Upscale Using Green

Dark green works so well in the bathroom that you can easily create an amazing, serene space, ideal for some alone time.

Take the risk of upscaling the existing traditional bathroom with deep green colors.

Upscale Using Green 

15. Be Playful With Green Marble

Make a statement with a green marble bathroom floor. You can even pair these emerald green tiles with pale color to bring out the most dramatic look. The deep green color marble in the bathroom offers a feeling of contentment and warmth.

Be Playful With Green Marble

16. A Typical Green Bathtub

Indulge in an exotic experience of the tropical scheme. Stir in plenty of greenery with a deep green bathtub, indoor plants, and perhaps a pink flamingo friend on a green pedestal for a fun and funky vibe.

A Typical Green Bathtub

17. Go Mysterious With Green Paneling

Smarten up your bathroom with green paneling. This chic cladding design is highly underrated as it is believed to be conservative and traditional.  But just by adding a ”get naked” frame as a giggle factor, you can make the green paneling work effortlessly.

Go Mysterious With Green Paneling


From a pastel of pistachios and grassy sage to the dramatically darkest of greens, these green bathroomcolor ideas can contribute to a feeling of cleanliness without being overly clinical.

Green is not the most typical bathroom color but is increasingly used in bathrooms for obvious reasons. Whether you choose soft tones or rich, darker shades, green is always a good bathroom color to add a hint of nature and a soothing vibe. In addition, you can add subtle touches of Green, like some plants, some wall decorations, accent walls, etc. You can even go all-out and paint the whole bathroom in various shades of Green.

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