Best Country style-Inspired Sofas For Your Home

15 Best Country style-Inspired Sofas For Your Home

Living in the countryside has its own advantages – slow living, calmer and easier. If you are someone who loves the countryside, then you’d want to bring the country vibe closer to you! We’ve got the most suitable country sofa recommendations that will help you achieve the country look you desire for your room. This collection of country couches is sure to inspire you if you’re looking for ideas for your living room or just browsing!

What Defines a Country Sofas?

The essence of country decor is to create a relaxed cottage vibe with a more rustic and raw approach. To create such a vibe, country sofas are usually made of natural materials and come in neutral colors. These pieces of furniture are quite simple and practical. And they usually come in prints like stripes and florals. Since sofas are where most of the relaxation and family conversations happen, you need to invest in a good quality one.

15 Country Style Sofas For Your Room

Here are a few suggestions of country sofas you can find online to complete the country decorations for your room!

1. Ivory Cottage Sofa

Ivory Cottage Sofa

If you are looking for a comfortable and elegant-looking couch, then this is the perfect option for you, as it will fit perfectly with any country decor. This beautiful ivory-colored country cottage sofa is made of ultra-soft chenille fabric featuring foam-filled cushions and solid wood legs.

2. Traditional Rolled Arm Sofa

Traditional Rolled Arm Sofa

If your home decor is more traditional, then this rolled-arm sofa will blend in. It adds a sense of sophistication and country charm to your room. The tufting and rolled arms of the sofa give a traditional look, and the cushions will ensure comfort while seated.

3. Rustic Buckskin Sofa Bed

Rustic Buckskin Sofa Bed

This beautifully crafted sofa in this collection is a great choice if you want to create a rustic look. It features thick cushions and pulls out into a queen-sized sleeper sofa. Additionally, it would be the perfect fit if your room is painted with neutral or warm colors.

4. Comfy Casual Wool Sofa

Comfy Casual Wool Sofa

If you want to keep things simple, then this neutral wool sofa featuring English arms and accent pillows is the best option for you. It will blend with any country decor.

5. English Country Sofa

English Country Sofa

This is another option if you are looking for a traditional-looking sofa. The color and fabric lend it a casual look, and the rolled arms and tufting give it a sophisticated look.

6. Cottage Style Couch

Cottage Style Couch

If you are looking for a more casual-looking cottage sofa, then this slip-covered cottage-style couch is the right one for your space. They are included with reversible cushions and a full-sized sleeper bed to best suit your curling up after a long day.

7. Oatmeal Sectional Sofa

Oatmeal Sectional Sofa

If you are looking to fill a lot of space with your sofa, then this oatmeal sectional sofa is the perfect choice for your space. It features two large-style cushions filled with a combination of foam, fiber, and feathers.

8. Cottage Pinstripe Couch

Cottage Pinstripe Couch

This light and bright couch is constructed of a solid wood frame and has removable cushions. It also includes a pull-out bed with your choice of mattress. If you are looking for something which screams cottage country style, then this pinstripes couch is the perfect one for you.

9. Formal(ish) Country Couch

Formal(ish) Country Couch

If you are looking for a sofa that looks more formal, then this neutral-color sofa with tufting in the back and wood accents along the bottom and arms is the right fit for your space.

10. Warm, Neutral Comfort and Sophisticated English Country Sofas

Warm, Neutral Comfort and Sophisticated English Country Sofas

This country cottage sofa is evenly balanced between the luxury of the French style and the comfort of the English style. Its country couch arms reflect English influence, while its honey-brown exposed legs reflect French influence. The plush polyester cushions add a touch of comfort to your space. On these cottage-style sofas, your accent pillows will look wonderful!

11. Wild Horses Microfiber Country Sofa Sleeper

Wild Horses Microfiber Country Sofa Sleeper

If you love horses, then you’d most love this Wildhorse-inspired country sofa. It is comfier because of its microfiber material and foam-durable cushions. A solid wood frame ensures its longevity. The nail head buttons on the armrests add a rustic touch to the sofa.

12. Off-white and Purple Floral Sofa Cover

Off-white and Purple Floral Sofa Cover

If you have an old couch and don’t want to throw it, then you can use this off-white and purple floral sofa cover. It uses an elastic band to keep your cover in place. And the elastic band is high strength stretch that doesn’t deform when you pull it off to put it in the washing machine.

13. Gray Bold Designed Floral Sofa Cover

Gray Bold Designed Floral Sofa Cover

If you enjoy neutral tones, then you can go for this gray and bold-designed floral sofa cover. It is easy to take off and comes off easily for washing.

14. Brown Faux Leather French Country Cottage Sofas

Brown Faux Leather French Country Cottage Sofas

The warm tones of this dark brown faux leather country-style sofa provide a rich tone to your space without sacrificing luxury. Chocolate-rounded solid wood legs balance the rectangular-shaped foam-filled cushion cottage sofa. You can use a dry cloth to clean your country cottage sofas.

15. Gray Elegant and Uncomplicated Leather Cottage Country Couches

Gray Elegant and Uncomplicated Leather Cottage Country Couches

If you are not fond of English-style floral sofas, then this simple sofa with recessed English arms and a solid warm wood frame can bring charm to your space.

Country Living Room Decor Ideas

1. Go for a Natural Palette

Go for a Natural Palette

Natural color palettes instantly transport you into the countryside, so following a green color (olive green, soft blues, etc.) theme with natural textures for your room might be the best idea to create a country living room; you can enhance the look with lashings of botanical prints.

2. Pay Attention to Your Flooring

Pay Attention to Your Flooring

Add texture and charm to your floor to complete a country living room decor. Sisal, seagrass, and other woven rugs and carpets add a rustic vibe while staying softer and warmer underfoot than hard floors. And these materials are also hard-wearing.

3. Include a Feature Wall

Include a Feature Wall

If you don’t want to make a lot of changes to your room, then you can add a country-inspired print or mural, like wood, or a natural scene to create the look. With this, you won’t even have to encroach on other spaces in the room.

4. Play with Pattern

Play with Pattern

Mixing coordinating fabric patterns and layering soft furnishings will create a country look for your living room. If you are wanting to go all out and create a bold country interior, then look for large-scale floral blowsy prints, velvet, and embroidered fabrics.

5. Lay a Slate Floor

Lay a Slate Floor

If you are creating a country look, then natural stone (limestone, dark slate, etc.) floor tiles are a great investment. They create a timeless canvas that will age beautifully. Adding soft furnishings, wood pieces, and layers of neutral tones will give you the perfect country look you are desiring.

6. Add Elegant Touches

Add Elegant Touches

You can create a grand country look in your room by adding sumptuous velvets, plenty of polished wood, and antique lighting. Traditional-shaped sofas, complementing color rugs and cushions, and an organic mix of pattern and texture will ensure that the space is homely and lively.

Final Thoughts

You have a lot of good options for country couches to choose from. This list emphasizes sofas that are comfortable and fits many different styles (rustic, English country, etc.). If you want to create a casual look, then you can go for neutrals, simple frames, and overfilled cushions. On the other hand, if you want to create a country-glam look, then you will have to find a sofa with tufting and nailhead trim.  And finally, if you want to pull off the perfect country-cottage style, then find a sofa that is traditionally framed and has the slipcovered or pinstripe look.

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