Spectacular Pink Houses from Around the World

18 Spectacular Pink Houses from Around the World

Pink is associated with femininity, love, and kindness and is regarded as a calming color. Pink is a reassuring, happy, and emotional color that many associates with their youth. It represents hospitality as well. Despite this, pink is a color of opposites since it can evoke feelings of both flaming passion and innocent childlikeness. Whatever this color is added to gains elegance and charm. The capacity to turn a plain, ornate building into a cozy, attractive house has made this wonderful color a popular option for homeowners over the years.

There are countless old buildings around the world that are fascinating to see, and a lot of these buildings are pink houses. If you love pink, there’s a good chance you’ve dreamed of painting your home this lovely rose shade, and these homeowners have accomplished exactly that. You’ll enjoy seeing this color throughout, from tiny houses to the huge buildings that make up a city.

Here are some of the most beautiful pink-hued homes in the world. These stunning pink houses will definitely leave you in awe.

1. Syon Cottage – The Pink Georgian Country House

Syon Cottage - The Pink Georgian Country House

This pink house, also known as the Syon Cottage, has undergone more than simply a new coat of paint. The owners have skillfully incorporated contemporary accents with Georgian design elements to provide a warm and appealing family home. Sash windows, tall ceilings, and well-appointed bedrooms all have traditional dimensions, except the contemporary shaker-style kitchen, which features a large and elegant countertop in traditional grey. The Syon Pink House, which is located in a popular village area, has a lot of historical characteristics that are typical of the era. This cottage provides breathtaking views across the Otter Valley between Lyme Bay and Budleigh Salterton.

2. Austin’s Pink House

Austin's Pink House

Since the 1980s, the iconic pink Victorian at 556 N. Central Ave. in the Austin neighborhood has been a symbol of the neighborhood. The Victorian home, which has been known for years as Central Avenue’s “pink house,” wasn’t brightly painted pink until co-owner Yolanda Anderson’s parents bought the property more than 30 years ago.

The five-bedroom, 2,667-square-foot home has existed since 1894. The house, which is on a sizable corner lot, has a lot of adorable pink accents, such as a pink-and-white picket fence and a railing that runs the length of the roomy porch. The house has a retro, whimsical atmosphere owing to a spherical pink and white turret on the second story. Of course, the house’s trim is also pink and white. The carpeting is pink plush, which covers the floors. The walls are lined with lovely pink furniture to match the pink curtains that hang from the ceiling.

3. Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace

Jayne Mansfield's Pink Palace

The Pink Palace Mansion has witnessed almost a century of Memphis history, beginning as the unfinished home of Clarence Saunders, the creator of the Piggly Wiggly business, and ending with its restoration in 2018. Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay, who had then just gotten married, bought this lovely Mediterranean mansion in 1958. They then painted it the pink color that has become synonymous with the actress Jayne Mansfield herself and gave it the nickname “The Pink Palace.” Mansfield added a beautiful heart-shaped pool and pink shag carpeting on the walls and ceilings.

4. Savannah’s Iconic Old Pink House

Savannah's Iconic Old Pink House

Despite becoming one of Savannah’s many taverns today, this brilliant pink house was known as the Habersham House for more than three centuries. The mansion, which is situated on Abercorn Street and is adjacent to Reynolds Square, was constructed in about 1771 by the prominent Habersham family. Numerous covert meetings for the thirteen colonies’ independence were held in James Habersham Jr.’s house.

The Olde Pink House, which offers upscale fine dining on the first floor and a more laid-back pub and bar in the cellar, has grown to become one of Savannah, Georgia’s best restaurants. One of Savannah’s best restaurants, The Olde Pink House, serves contemporary Southern food in a chic yet relaxed atmosphere.

5. The Pink Houses of Paju

the pink house of paju

Northwest Seoul is where you’ll find the little village of Paju. Nearly every building in this area is wonderfully designed and pink, especially the homes. The pink houses of Paju are a beautiful sight to behold. This area is packed with trendy retailers, hip coffee shops, and inventive eateries that draw people of all ages. Due to the unique ambiance it provides, which resembles the region of Provence in France, this area is also known as the French village of Seoul.

6. Argentina’s Casa Rosado

Argentina's Casa Rosado

The Plaza de Mayo, commonly known as the Pink House or Casa Rosada, is Argentina’s government building as well as the president’s residence. The pink structure demonstrates its superiority in design. This building also has a very rich historical background.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Juan, the former vice president of Argentina, and his wife, Evita Peron, would address the crowds from the balcony of Plaza de Mayo. If you want to learn more about the history of Buenos Aires, you should definitely visit this building. Built on the foundation of Casa Rosada, a fort that Spanish emperors built there around 1580.

7. Little Manor Where Elizabeth Taylor Resided

Little Manor Where Elizabeth Taylor Resided

Little Manor has a terrific historical sense to it, and the present vendor claims that Hollywood stars frequented it to organize celebrity parties during the 1930s and 1950s.
The original details have been carefully repaired and preserved. It exudes a strong sense of individuality both inside and out, from the latticed windows to the oak timber beams.

This amazingly huge cottage has 10,000 square feet of living area and a huge bottom floor with excellent party space. A spacious kitchen designed by Mark Wilkinson, which opens to a reception room, conservatory, and living room, as well as stunning views of the picture-perfect garden, is ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

8. Pink House on Plum Island

Pink House on Plum Island

This Pink House is a famous photographic and artistic subject that is an abandoned historic home at 60 Plum Island Turnpike in Newbury, Massachusetts, in the United States. The 1925-built residence was privately owned until it was acquired for $375,000 in 2011 by the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. The home is the focus of a grassroots campaign to repurchase the property from the sanctuary in order to preserve the house, which is regarded by many as a local landmark.

9. Bella Thorne’s Hot Pink House

Bella Thorne's Hot Pink House

Brightly colored furniture fills the 4,500-square-foot unique and reimagined contemporary, traditional mansion. The house has a vibrant façade and interior, including a living room decorated with feather boas in blue and green, a dining room with floral arrangements on the walls, a two-story foyer with a rainbow staircase, and a painting of Thorne and her record label, Filthy Fangs. A butler’s pantry connects the open-concept kitchen, which has a big marble-topped island and vibrant cabinet doors. Upstairs, the master bedroom has a purple ceiling and other colorful pieces of artwork.

10. Lisbon’s Pink Houses

Lisbon's Pink Houses

The pink homes in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, are absolutely breathtaking. The city is tastefully built and has many more pink-colored buildings in addition to the wonderful pink houses. Lisbon has excellent cuisine, lovely street views, and a vibrant metropolitan setting. Long stretches of fine-sand beaches and majestic cliffs are present in Lisbon, adding to the city’s pleasant environment. All of these things will definitely inspire you to start planning your upcoming trip to Portugal.

11. Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

On the French peninsula of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, close to the Italian border, a lovely pink chateau is perched on a hill. The property, hidden away on a tiny peninsula between Nice and Monaco, is a gem of the French Riviera but is not widely known to visitors to the area. This villa’s connection with the French aristocracy is what makes it so distinctive. Beatrice de Rothschild, the resident, purchased the property and commissioned the construction of this iconic structure over a five-year period.

The nine surrounding gardens, which extend as far as the eye can see and each have a different theme, seem to be more charming than the palace itself. Rose and phlox scents fill the air, and all the flowers and foliage are still expertly arranged and maintained. The villa is connected to a gazebo at the back of the property by a creek stocked with koi.

12. The Pink Home of Emilio Rodriguez

The Pink Home of Emilio Rodriguez

After purchasing the house in November in the Mountain View neighborhood of Pflugerville, Texas, Emilio Rodriguez painted his house entirely pink, including the roof. The house is situated north of Austin. Rodriguez refers to the house as his “dream home” and asserts that it embodies the “Keep Austin Weird” spirit. He is completely charmed by the changes he has made to the house, loves his home, and finds comfort in the color pink.

13. Pink Houses On Burano Island in Italy

Pink Houses On Burano Island in Italy

There are numerous stunning pink houses on Burano Island that you can discover. Burano Island is located in the Northern Venetian Lagoon and is one of the world’s top ten most colorful cities. You can take a trip around Piazza Galuppi and even visit the Lace Museum or stop by the Church of St. Martin Bishop and admire Remigio Barbaro’s sculpture and Burano’s leaning tower. Don’t miss the trip to Burano’s ancient fish market if you love having fish.

14. Grune Zitadelle’s Pink Homes

Grune Zitadelle's Pink Homes

Grune Zitadelle is situated in Magdeburg, Germany. It offers a delightful collection of pink-hued, tastefully constructed homes, restaurants, hotels, and cafes. You’ll love how the Roman monasteries from the eleventh century mixed Gothic and Baroque styles.

15. Pink House in Charleston

Pink House in Charleston

This historic house and art gallery, called Pink House in Charleston, South Carolina, is located at 17 Chalmers Street. It is the second-oldest house in Charleston after the Colonel William Rhett House and one of South Carolina’s oldest buildings. The mansion in the city’s French Quarter was built by John Breton between 1694 and 1712, utilizing pinkish Bermuda stone. Pink is now thought to be the standard color for Bermudian homes.

16. Love & Mutiny

Love & Mutiny

Love & Mutiny is a charming shack-turned-hotel in Chinaman Wells (about two hours from Adelaide on the western coastline of the Yorke Peninsula). The accommodations were designed by sisters and stylists Emma Read and Sarah Hall of Read & Hall, who have previously worked on some really unique residences. The entire house glows pink and apricot when the moon rises out the back and sets over the water. The rooms have a lot of charm from the 1950s.

17. Rainbow Row Pink House

Rainbow Row Pink House

This ancient mansion full of Southern charm proves that millennial pink is nothing new. This pink house was originally built in 1815, and the current owners bought it in 2004 and repainted it the same color because it looked amazing. Pink has long been a popular color in Charleston, including this one a block away on Rainbow Row; it helps keep interiors cooler in the hot summer months. The house has a sophisticated appearance thanks to the white trim and black shutters.

18. Pink House Cottage

Pink House Cottage

Vattakanal (Vatta), where this Pink House Cottage is situated, boasts stunning views of the dawn and sunset. you can not just visit this lovely pink cottage, but also can stay here. There is a lush lawn surrounding the cottage, which also contains a hall, a kitchen, and an area of 10 beds with bathrooms. This cottage’s unique feature is its cool balcony, from which you can enjoy the entire misty landscape of this beautiful area.

Summing Up

These charming and lovely homes will certainly inspire you if you are looking for inspiration or if you love the color pink but aren’t sure if it would be the ideal choice for your home. If you have a basic understanding of colors and shades and are aware of which shades are appropriate, choosing the ideal pink color combination for the walls of your house will not be difficult. As a result, the best pink color combination for the wall is simple to achieve and can bring a lovely character to your home. Analyze your home’s basic architecture to determine the ideal color combinations for each space and turn your home into a luxurious place to live.

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