there DIY Options for Staircase Decor

Are there DIY Options for Staircase Decor?

The good thing about DIY is that it is not limited to just a few things but many. Today, there is nothing you cannot replicate. With DIY getting more and more popular and promoted, people can now create anything with just chunks. To decorate a staircase there are many types of decor pieces available in the market. From paintings to lights, you can easily beautify your staircase with any of these items.

The plus is that you can also enhance the beauty of your staircase with the help of your DIY skills. Sometimes, the things that you think belong to the garbage bin turn out to be great materials for staircase decor ideas. So, nothing is garbage if you want your DIY game to succeed.

Some Awesome DIY Decor Tips for Your Staircase

1. Collect Mason Jars

Collect Mason Jars

Mason jars and fairy lights always go hand in hand. In fact, these two do not look good when apart. If there is a mason jar involved, you cannot imagine it without the fairy lights and vice-versa. What you can do is shove the lights into the jars and hang them or place them along the staircase. Just the sight of it brings so much warmth to the room.

Candles also play a good substitute for lights and look equally warm and beautiful. So arrange some of it just so you staircase looks attractive and woo anyone who stands on it.

2. Hang Your Plants

Hang Your Plants

Let your plants from your balcony play big and important roles this time. You can hang them or place them along the stairs. These plants help in adding a fresh and natural look to your stairs.

It is not mandatory for the plants to be natural. Today, there are many artificial plants and flowers in the market for you to choose. Bring the greenest one of all and decorate your stairs.

3. Paint the Risers

Paint the Risers

It is fun to be playful with colors because of how much vibrancy they give out. The risers on your staircase deserve a new hue and you should get it done ASAP. Go for something like aqua blue because of its ability to freshen up a house with great positive energy.

Sometimes the smallest and simplest deeds can turn out to be great ideas. This blue paint on the stairs may look so promising.

4. Mirror, Mirror!

Mirror, Mirror

Hang a mirror or two on the wall and witness its magic. The presence of a mirror can light up the very space and reflect not just your face but good energy as well. The old mirror that has been lying in your storeroom can play a great role as a DIY piece for your stairs.

When a guest drops in to your house, they can use it for looking at their reflections.

5. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Make floating shelves from the reusable wooden chunks and install them on the staircase wall. Because these can come in handy for so many reasons like your book collection which can be displayed here, and be admired by your guests.

6. Wall Stencils are Beautiful

Wall Stencils are Beautiful

Make an artistic statement by applying wall stencils on your staircase wall. Sometimes, there has to be a little bit of adventure going on because only then will your staircase look exotic and lively. Wall stencils may not be that popular, but with the correct application, they can look the coolest.

7. Wallpaper as Well

Wallpaper as Well

A good-looking wallpaper will always be a darling in the eyes of anyone who catches sight of it. Apply wallpapers to the walls of your staircase for a lovelier look. In this image, you can see how wallpapers inspired by green plants can contribute to the charm of a staircase.


DIY has always been a lifesaver on so many occasions. There are times when you can’t afford to buy the things that you need, so what you do is try to replicate the exact things with the materials you have. DIY helps you achieve the look without having to spend much.

It’s a blessing if your DIY skills are extremely awesome. Today, DIY is glorified and promoted on every platform, especially on social media. Its popularity is what drives people to like it even more.

All these DIY options for staircase decor are very simple, unlike Rocket Science. You have to possess a few materials and start.

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