16 Industrial Home Decor ideas for a Rustic Vibe

16 Industrial Home Decor ideas for a Rustic Vibe

Industrial Home Decor has been in style for over 40 years. Industrial interior design is mainly found in city dwellings, lofts, and apartments. It works on the idea of providing a little character to the interiors. But what makes it so unique? If you want to know, then keep reading this article.

Repurposed factories and industrial homes inspire Industrial Home Decor. It adds chic and a blend of minimalism to the home’s interior design. The name industrial often gives people the wrong impression that the designs are intense and sharp, but it’s the other way around. Industrial interior design gives a feeling of coziness and rawness besides embracing the structure of a home.

If you also want to have your home designed in the industrial interiors, then we have curated a list that might be perfect for your house makeover. Below presented is a list of elements that adds very well to the industrial theme. So let’s explore these elements.

Industrial Home Decor Elements

1. Exposed Pipes and Ducts

One of the industrial home’s most essential elements is exposing parts of the building’s structure. For example, to achieve the factory-like style, you need to expose the pipes and ducts of the building. It will provide rawness to the place, which is exactly the motive of industrial interior design.

Exposed ducts for industrial interior design

2. Add the Accents of Metal and Wood

Metal and wood are the key elements in creating an industrial look. Using metal, especially black metal, can provide a chic visual to the place. At the same time, furniture made with repurposed wood and wooden accents embossed on the wall will look highly gorgeous—experiment with several pieces that have metal and wood accents to give your home a clean look.

wood accents to complement industrial interior design

3. Exposed Brick Walls

Brick walls are exposed intentionally to evoke the image of the industrial period. Exposed brick walls are the most common element in industrial interior design. It gives the home a rustic feel. It is impossible to make brick walls in existing homes, but many people add faux brick walls into their interiors to give the impression of an unfinished factory look.

brick wall for rustic industrial interior design

4. Vintage and Antique pieces

Incorporate some vintage and antique pieces in your furniture to highlight the Industrial interior design of your home. It looks way more classic with a rustic touch. You can take inspiration from the picture below.

Antique piece for enhanced industrial interior design

5. Bare Light Bulbs

The Edison light bulb, with its tungsten filament exposed, is a significant element in your home. In addition, industrial home decor makes simple things like a bare light bulb look stylish. Check out these beautiful bulbs to give your home a rustic look.

Bare light bulb

6. Have a Neutral Color Palette

Industrial spaces usually have a neutral color palette consisting of browns, blacks, greys, and some tans. White is not an ideal option in an industrial interior design picture, but it suits perfectly in a minimalistic setting. You can add these colors to your space to give it a more defined industrial look and relax the atmosphere.

neutral color palette gives industrial interior look

7. Open the Space Up

Large open spaces are a necessary element in the industrial interior design plan. Since the design is inspired by the factories and working industries, which were known for their large open layouts. Expansive floors with high ceilings are crucial in achieving the desired look.

open space

8. Concrete

The main feature of the Industrial look is to highlight the building’s architectural structure. Including concrete floors, and concrete countertops in your design would look simply beautiful. It can capture the true spirit of the industrial space.


9. Large Windows

Large windows, especially with a black grid frame pattern, are the best elements of industrial home decor. They make the place look large and open but in a stylish way. They also let in natural daylight during the day, saving you from using other lighting bulbs.


10. Metal Stools

Stools are a great way to adorn your place as it takes up less space while providing comfort at the same time. For creating industrial-style decor, you can use bar metal stools. Stools with metal legs and black undertones would provide a chic look to your place. These bar metal stools are amazing; you can check them out for inspiration.

metal stool

11. Pendant Lights and Large Domes

Large domes and pendant lights are used in factories and industrial places to provide enough light in all the corners of the place. These types of lights are used in industrial home decor to give some aesthetics to the home. Also, it functions efficiently around the house.

pendant lights and large domes

12. Copper touch

Copper is a classic industrial material that provides a tinge of color to the place while adding warmth and modernity to the house. You can have that copper touch by adding copper kitchenware. The kitchen with its copper pans and pots, will create a nice vintage look.

copper kitchenware

13. Distressed Leather

Distressed leather can prove to be a very cool element for the decor. Many industrial-style homes have distressed leather sofas, which add a beautiful aesthetic color. It complements the industrial interior design of the house very well.

Distressed leather sofa

14. Storage

The industrial style is all about embracing things’ unfinished and imperfect features. But at the same time, you have to keep in mind to create enough space for storage as it can ruin the whole design of the place. Not having space for storage will make the place a mess. So choose creative spaces for storage.


15. Flooring

The floor is an integral part of any place and says a lot about the style of the house. So it is essential to pay attention to the flooring. You can add a concrete floor which is an excellent element in itself to provide raw style to the place. Also, raw-looking wooden and stone floorings are an excellent option for giving the house an industrial interior design.

home hardwood floors

16. Some Nature

This style is known for its robust and resilient themes. A new trend of adding green indoor plants to raw and unfinished industrial home decor is getting appreciated. It complements the entire style by maintaining a clean and positive ecosystem. This is the place we all want to live in.



Industrial interior design is a very unique style that can go wrong if not implemented properly. This article provided you with the best elements that will give your home a complete industrial-type makeover. These little elements can make your place go from ordinary to extraordinary.

We hope this article answers your question about how this style is popular and special. This article is purely an attempt to inspire you to get this minimalist and rustic style interiors that can win any heart.

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