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12 Stunning Nordic Inspired Scandinavian Living Room Designs

With its neutral tones and simple, minimal form, Scandinavian living room designs are trending nowadays. Scandinavian living rooms are popular because they make it easy to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Your living space can feel like a comfortable getaway by using light colors, abstract posters, and simple furniture.

As the Scandinavian design is known for being very functional, You will have to plan out your living room with a purpose where each and every component serves a practical function. Consider giving your living room a Scandinavian feel if you want to remodel your house without making too many changes.

How Does a Scandinavian Living Room Look?

The typical Scandinavian living room is light and airy, with lots of windows and white walls. Furniture often has clear lines, minimal decorative details, and is simple and functional. Textiles like blankets and pillows are often used to add color and warmth to rooms in order to create a cozy feeling.

A range of stylish and colorful nature posters can be used to provide matching hues and brighten the room. Remember that Scandinavian design is known for focusing on simplicity and functionality by keeping your decor simple and clean.

1. A Larger Open-Plan Living Room

Scandinavian Living Room Open Plan Living Space

Hardly ever will you find a Scandinavian living room with an insane amount of clutter. Instead, you want to see modern living room furniture with clean lines and a focus on bringing nature’s elements inside.

Most Scandinavian homes have a larger open-plan area where the living room, the kitchen, and the dining area are laid out in a certain way to form that create a feeling of space. The open layout encourages you to display only special, carefully chosen products and minimize clutter. Choose fitted furniture ideas to simplify the interiors of your space and increase storage in the living room.

2. Furniture That Serves a Purpose

Furniture That Serves a Purpose

The improvement of daily life is the main goal of a beautiful Scandinavian living room design.Furniture should then provide a purpose according to your needs while being long-lasting in addition to being trendy and stylish.

Choose a few important furniture items for each space that are both beautiful and functional, and then add a few properly chosen decorations, soft furnishings, or fittings to complete the look.

For example, for a living room, a chairs, a mirror, a basic floor lamp or piece of art, a few sizable indoor plants placed with care, a woven rug, and some pillows work nicely. Keep in mind to only bring in objects and things you truly appreciate.

3. Create A Neutral Colour Scheme For the Perfect Scandinavian Living Room

wall art

The simplest way to create a neutral backdrop is with the stark white walls of your Scandinavian Living Room. However, the timeless and eye catching choice of a clean, blank canvas also allows you to change the way the space looks, changing the accessories, furnishings, and artwork.

If you enjoy colour and pattern, think about adding a few accent colours rather than going crazy or designing a home with a colour scheme and, for example, pairing cushions or a rug with a nice sofa or footstool or using detailed, painted wallpaper or paintings to highlight only one main wall.

4. Wooden Flooring

wooden flooring

Fitted carpets are rare in Scandinavian Living Rooms, in contrast to many in the Northern Hemisphere, where floors made out of wood are mostly chosen. Pale woods like pine and birch aid in light reflection. The space will look bigger than it actualy is if the floorboards are painted white. Wooden floors also serve to highlight the interior design of the furnishings and architecture in a space.

5. Comfy Rugs

comfy rugs

Rugs play a significant role in Scandinavian design, especially when combined with wooden flooring and typically in specific spaces like under tables, in the living room area, or in hallways. Wool and cotton are the ideal fabrics, though the style and color scheme is completely up to your decision. A living room rug will also add color and texture to the space.

6. Big Windows


One of the most prominent adjustable elements of design that you can use to improve your Scandinavian living room is lighting, so try to fill your house with a lot of light. To let more light in, it is best to have more oversized windows and to keep the decorations window to a minimum. Your window coverings could be made of linen, sheer fabric curtains, shutters, or both.

Similar to this, thoughtful hanging lights and lamps are commonly used in place of ceiling lights or a main focal light in the living room. A beautiful set of floor lamps and table lamps will offer a softer replacement for glaring lighting.

7. Scandinavian-Inspired Wall Art


Nordic-inspired Scandinavian Living Rooms require carefully chosen wall decor. It’s best to use a range of Displates that may be easily changed out for others without damaging your walls. There are enough ideas in different stores and galleries to bring the walls of your Scandinavian living room to life, including nature, landscapes, animals, and artworks.

8. Natural Material

brown leather sofa

An actual Scandinavian living room is made up mainly of natural materials, including cotton, leather, some wicker, and wood. Since there are so many forests in the Nordic countries and so much open space, there is a close connection between the different design elements and the natural world. Bringing the various natural materials inside your house allows you to feel more connected to nature, even when you’re indoors.

Wood, stone, and linen are just a few natural materials that blend perfectly into the Scandinavian design. Tones and color ranges should be maintained across all materials, such as creams, whites, and grey living room ideas. If not, using a range of materials would clutter the area and make it appear fussy, which is completely different from what this design is trying to achieve.

9. Plants On Display


Displaying houseplants is one of the easiest ways to introduce natural elements into a Scandinavian living space. Also, plants instantly and cheaply improve a place. The time is now to think of creative and exciting ways to fit plants and more greenery into your house.

Consider how adding plants may improve the aesthetics and functionality of the space. Group indoor plants at different heights for a distinctive look, or add hanging plants and ivy to door frames and curtain rails. Add cacti and other miniature plants on shelves for a stylish effect in a tiny living room, studio, or apartment.

10. Bring In The Colours Of The Outdoors

beige room

Avoid the clinical look of an all-white style; rather, look in  favour of the style that takes design inspiration from nature. Take use of a natural colour scheme for a soft, peaceful appearance. This can be said of the living room furniture, curtains, and the colours of the walls and floors. Living rooms with neutral colours like cream, brown and beige will all feel very natural, tidy, and spacious.

Finally, appreciate wood, cork, and bamboo floors instead of harsh, artificial materials. These provide a crosier feel below and are a better organic, natural option.

11. Hidden Storage That Is Functional

storage bed

Scandinavian living room design is all about everything being functional. To make the most of every single inch of space, think about custom-built furniture, smart storage options, and slender seating.

A hidden shelf or “pull out” cabinet that can be used as needed and doesn’t take up any extra living space would also be a great choice. Not only will this maintain a quiet and orderly environment, but less bother will allow you to relax and enjoy more.

12. Play With Contrasts

dark wall

As they receive natural light in the winter season, Scandinavian homes are often kept as bright as possible. However, when matched with a nice brilliant bookshelf made of blonde wood, dark living room wall ideas may still have a lovely Scandinavian feeling.

Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Scandinavian Living Room

Use natural materials and soft tones. This will add to the room’s feeling of brightness and openness. Keep the furniture simple and minimalistic. This will add to the room’s sense of openness and space. Use a lot of greenery and plants. In addition to bringing color and life to an area, plants also help to calm and relax the atmosphere.

For the walls and flooring, choose neutral colors. It will contribute to giving the space a timeless look that is simple to adjust to new fashion trends in the future. Include some unique touches. Photos, original artwork, and souvenirs from travels all add to the homey atmosphere of a space. They also help to give the area personality and charm.

Scandinavian living rooms are simple to style because their neutral and monochromatic color palette is so simple to work with. Adding texture and layers to a Scandinavian living room is the best way to decorate it to feel elegant. You also have the option of proceeding with natural elements like sisal carpets, wicker basketwork, finely-grained wood, chunky throws, faux fur, and linen, all in neutral colors.

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