Transforming Rooms With Accent Rugs: Tips For Homes

Transforming Rooms With Accent Rugs: Tips For Homes

Are your rooms lacking personality or feeling uninspired? Introducing accent rugs can instantly elevate interiors and breathe new life into spaces. These decorative statement rugs layer visual interest when used alongside existing flooring. With the right styling, placement and creative combinations, accent rugs transform homes. Read on for tips on selecting and using accent rugs to revitalise your rooms.

Defining Accent Rugs

Accent rugs, also known as area rugs, are smaller rugs designed to fit within a specific spot rather than wall-to-wall. Typically ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet in diameter, they create a focal point under furniture like sofas, beds, tables or seating areas. Accent rugs come in a huge variety of colours, patterns, textures and materials from wool to cotton, jute, leather and more. This diversity enables creative pairings with surrounding flooring and décor. Their concise size also makes accent rug positioning flexible as rooms evolve.

Choosing an Accent Rug

When selecting an accent rug, consider your usage, room size, existing décor and placement:

  • Lighter pastel rugs create an airy ambience, while bold patterns make dramatic statements.
  • Textured rugs like braided, woven or knitted types add tactile interest.
  • Measure the furniture or zone the rug will sit under allowing ample surrounding space.
  • Match rug material to the flooring type e.g. wool rugs with wood flooring.
  • Complement or contrast colours against surrounding walls, furnishings and flooring.
  • Larger rooms can handle bolder patterns, while smaller spaces suit softer hues.

There are infinite possibilities to play with when choosing an accent rug – be daring!

Strategic Placement Tips

Positioning your accent rug thoughtfully amplifies its transformative impact:

  • Anchor rugs under the front legs of sofas, beds and tables to delineate functional zones.
  • Allow at least 18-24 inches of surrounding floor to avoid an awkward ‘postage stamp’ look.
  • For living rooms, ensure rug size accommodates main walking areas and pathways.
  • In dining spaces, choose a rug that allows chairs to slide back freely without slipping off.
  • In bedrooms, use rugs to frame beds rather than necessarily centring beneath them.
  • Try angling a rug in front of a fireplace at a rakish perspective.
  • Float smaller rugs between furniture groupings to highlight divides.
  • Use multiple rugs of aligned colours or patterns to define open-plan areas.

Carpet Shops

When considering accent rugs for your home, consult experienced carpet retailers like Burgess Flooring in Worthing. Reputable carpet shop Worthing can:

  • Advise on the best rug sizes, materials and pairings for your space.
  • Help select the perfect accent rug to realise your vision.
  • Provide tailored advice on placement for maximum effect.
  • Offer professional fitting services to get positioning perfect.

With the specialist knowledge of carpet retailers, you can craft a flawless accent rug arrangement tailored to your home.

Creative Accent Rug Uses

Beyond the usual spots, get creative with unique accent rug positioning:

  • Hang rugs as wall art above beds, sofas or consoles for layered texture.
  • Repurpose vintage rugs as DISPLAY rather than flooring.
  • Introduce fun children’s rugs into play areas to inspire.
  • Define home office spaces or reading nooks with studious accent rugs.
  • Use leather hide rugs for eclectic layering in dressing areas.
  • Mark entryways or hallways with welcoming doormat rugs.

Accent rugs offer limitless possibilities to add pops of colour, pattern and tactility across rooms when used inventively.


The versatility and vibrancy of accent rugs make them a simple interior upgrade with dramatic effects. Re-energise tired décor and zones with rugs complementing or contrasting your existing furnishings and flooring. Take advice from specialist carpet retailers such as Burgess Flooring in Worthing for perfect rug selections and positioning. With creative experiments in placement and styling, accent rugs easily unlock interior transformations.

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