English Country Bathroom Ideas

25 English Country Bathroom Ideas You’ll Want to Try

Let’s be honest; your bathroom is the place in your home where you spend a good amount of time doing things like your self-care routines, long hot showers, pampering yourself in a rosewater bathtub, etc.

That’s why it is important to design your English bathroom in a way that feels nurturing, joyful, and energizing to you. After all, it is the place you start and end your day.

So, the blog suggests various designs you could take into consideration for designing your bathroom.

Things to Keep in Mind While Designing an English Country Bathroom

The key points to consider while designing your English bathroom are lighting, texture, color, and pieces that genuinely awaken your creativity and lift your mood. You need to plan your bathroom lighting carefully. Furthermore, having more than one circuit, fitting dimmers, and using warm-white bulbs is always recommended. Experiment with different heights of lighting. Introduce a variety of textures to avoid hard and shiny surfaces, and consider waterproof, woven vinyl, and patterned wallpapers.

Colors are the perfect way to inject your personality, and different color schemes will depict different moods. The most recommended color schemes for your English bathroom are soft pink combined with muted green (which creates a calming effect), pink and mustard, lighter shades of red and white, or gray and white (a classic). Additionally, you can have an electric mat under the flooring. And always make sure that you have enough space in your bathroom for storage – to keep your creams, towels, bath toys, etc.

Lastly, think of all the things that are going to make your bathroom feel more personalized. It could be books, photos, art pieces, shells, etc. It could be anything that makes you happy or motivated. After all, you would be seeing it right after you wake up and also before going to bed. Anything affirming you on a daily basis? Yes.

English Country Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Painting Techniques

bathroom design

Every aspect of this English bathroom has been highlighted with paint – the frame around the door, the walls, and the olive green painted bathtub. A framed painting adds to the room’s aesthetic, giving it a very calming look. This design is easily achievable as it includes straightforward paintings.

2. Statement Floor Tiling

bathroom interior

The bathroom design stands out with floor tiling that adds character to the room. A color scheme of white, gray, or monochrome can ensure a classic look. But if you are someone who likes to keep it playful, then you could try a combination of bright colors.

3. Mixing Textures

create bathroom botanical wallpaper

Looking for something unique and different? Then try playing with different textures. A subtle botanical wallpaper paired with wooden paneling in half and offset with polished silver accents can create a pleasant atmosphere in your bathroom.

4. Go Green

Go green bathroom

If you are looking for a country style for your bathroom, then moss-green tiles with wood flooring and white walls could be your perfect choice. Warm up this shade of green with a soft, off-white grout.

5. Dramatic Wallpaper

Dramatic wallpaper

Wallpapers might not sound like a good idea for your bathroom, but if you use the suitable wallpaper with the right colors, it can look amazing. This eye-catching jungle print wallpaper with matte black wall painting gives off a vibrant effect.

6. Playful Flooring

Playful flooring

If you are looking for a more soothing and playful design, then try the painted checkerboard pattern, keeping pink and lilac as your bathroom color scheme. It could be a very cost-effective alternative to tiles when chalk paint is used over wooden or concrete floors.

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7. Panelling


Following a gray-blue scheme, wooden paneling lends a touch of character to a contemporary bathroom. You could instead use a mock effect with paint or wallpaper to create the wall paneling.

8. Monochrome Tiling

monochrome tiling

How about classic black and white tiles in a geometric pattern? It would bring character to an otherwise plain bathroom. With a classic base palette of black and white, you can use any color, from rosy pink to cool blues, as your accent color.

9. Keep It Cozy

keep it cozy

If you are looking for a more cozy design for your bathroom, then use warm tones, quaint curtains, and soft accessories. Placing magazines and books to the side will add more depth to the look.

10. Subtly Art Inspired

subtly art inspired

If you don’t want to use any art pieces or wall art but want the bathroom to make a statement, then black and white or dark color floor tiles might serve the purpose. The black and white tiles here mimic something an artist might paint.

11. Forgo a Basic Window

forgo a basic window

Instead of going with the traditional basic window, add unique windows to your bathroom to grab attention. It could be with a unique design, shape, etc. Pedestal sinks and open shelving add to the bathroom’s aesthetic look and ensure that the room feels airy.

12. Hang a Chandelier

Hang a Chandelier

Want to give a timeless look to your bathroom? Then place a glamorous chandelier near a large window of your bathroom surrounded by marble tiles. It would look even more enchanting if the window had views of nature.

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13. Give New Twists to Classic Designs

twists to classic design

From the floor tiles to the sconce, marble vanity, and even the rosy pink bathrobe, this bathroom gives a very artistic-cum-retro look. However, every little detail of this look boasts a fresh, modern interpretation.

14. Go Big in a Tiny Space

tiny bathroom

Don’t let tiny rooms disappoint you thinking you cannot design them your way. You can always find solutions to make a place for everything by keeping it minimal. Like how in this look, extra storage is sought by placing a tray over a hamper. Keep your necessities there to brighten your bathroom. Play with colors and see what best suits your bathroom to give it a colorful and fun look.

15. Preserve History

preserve history

You should consider preserving and repurposing the original elements of your house if it has a lot of History. Like in the bathroom here, a 1920s bay window was reused in the main bath to usher light into the space. The ceilings and part of the walls are covered with flowery wallpaper.

16. Lavish Redux

lavish redux

Bring new patterns and textures to the old cottage bathroom look. For example, here, a formal chandelier is hung over a bathtub to give it a lavish appeal. There is oak paneling and a deep soaking tub to complete this simple but lavish English bathroom.

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17. Green Envy

green envy

Is green your soothing color? Then this bathroom design layered in rich pops of green is the best suitable for you. The look echoes the garden outside. Emerald hues envelop the powder room in dramatic fashion. The polished washstand, art-deco-inspired mirror, and hand-painted wallpaper add richness to the look.

18. Fresh and Florid

fresh and florid

Another inspo, if you are looking for a garden-based design, is to use hand-painted wallpapers depicting lively outdoor scenes (like the beachside, sea, etc.). You can add inlay decors (like the mirror in the picture) to make it look more prosperous and more lively.

19. Ranch-Style Retreat

ranch style retreat

Why not bring a rustic charm to your bathroom? Wide open spaces, terracotta tiles, festive accents, and a cast-iron tub with oil-rubbed feet create a very luxurious and relaxing space.

20. Modern Classic

modern classic

Arrange the Tarquin and Carrara marble in a way to create a 3D effect with the flooring and add gold fixtures to create a sleek design for the modern era. The bathroom, along with adopting a modern look, will carry the History of the place.

21. Art Deco Hideaway

art deco hideaway

A black-tie powder bathroom with an elegant leaded-glass window, silk wallpaper, and antique parrot sconces exudes a timeless glamour.

22. Stone Flooring

stone flooring

A large tub, plain matte fittings, and a bench with cushion-wrapped give a very coastal look to the bathroom. Attaching a large shutter will allow a cool breeze in and out of the bathroom.

23. A Gray Stone Bathroom With a Private Patio

Gray Stone Bathroom With a Private Patio

How about a separate outdoor bathroom space? Use textured gray stone to cover the bathroom’s floors, walls, and ceiling. Keep a patio space filled with plants. This is the perfect solution to relax and rejuvenate in a serene and comfortable space.

24. A Modern Bathroom Designed with Dark Floors and Warm Wood Surfaces

Modern Bathroom Designed with Dark Floors and Warm Wood Surfaces

The bathroom combines wood, metal, and ceramic in an environment of comfort and safety. The dark flooring adds contrast to the wood and white wall tiles. A black frame and faucets balance the design. There’s a glass wall between the bathtub and the shower. A built-in shelf underneath the window provides a good amount of storage for grooming products.

25. Blue-green Tiles and Black Accents

Blue-green Tiles and Black Accents

A floral pattern for the tiles creates a calming classic look. The design is based on a blueish-green color scheme. This modern bathroom has a freestanding bath, a shower cubicle, and a black frame. Simple white tiles, ceiling lights, and a plant complete the room.

That’s our best 25 for now. I hope the blog has helped you conceptualize how you want your English bathroom to be designed to radiate the kind of energy you seek – positive, playful, colorful, etc. Always follow your gut and go with the best design that grabs your attention.

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