What Sets Scandinavian Lighting Apart?

What Sets Scandinavian Lighting Apart?

Do all Scandinavian-style homes have the same amount of brightness? Or is there something that sets each such decorated home apart? Well, definitely!

Scandinavian home, or rather, a haven of light. Stepping into a Scandinavian home surely feels like entering a pool of light.

But, as much as the decor style is responsible for all the brightness, the peculiar Scandinavian lights are also as much a part of curating an illuminated living experience for you.

The vast windows, the lighter shade interiors, the decluttered space, etc., are something we already read in our previous blog while discussing Scandinavian living room ideas.

Still, in this blog, we focus on enhancing the joy of living in a Scandinavian-styled home.

Let’s delve into and understand the peculiarities of Scandinavian-style lighting that sets it apart.

Nature Brings In Nature: Accents Make It Possible

Accents Make It Possible

As you may or may not know, Scandinavian countries receive limited daylight with long, dark winters.

Therefore, when we say nature plays a major role in lighting the interiors, it is possible through an acquired sense of design in Scandinavian homes, including extra large windows to invite maximum light into the house.

On top of that, features like skylights and light shelves are designed to bring daylight into the darkest corners of the house.

Also, natural materials, such as wood, glass, and so on, increase the natural feel inside the home.

Simplicity Attracts Brightness: Decluttering Is the Way to Go

Decluttering Is the Way to Go

One of the best ways that Scandinavian homeowners ensure ample light in their interiors.

The reason is that with a clean and decluttered space, the light gets proper passages to reflect through, unlike a house with too many objects around, which absorb the light or create more dark corners to vanish into.

Another simplistic practice that the Scandinavian design style is particular to is the use of functional and minimal lamps.

This means every lamp or light plays a particular function in the home, such as focus lamps, task lights, ambient lights, corner lights, etc.

Layering Enhance The Light: Pick Your Pairs

Beautiful contemporary living room home interior.

This is something only the people who are deep into the knowledge of architecture will understand. The layering of lights is done when one aims to achieve a brighter space while utilizing minimum space.

For instance, floor lamps create a soft ambiance, along with one or two table lamps for specific purposes.

This ensures the room looks tidy and well-lit. Also, decorating a Scandinavian-style home ensures that lamps or lights that are too big are not fixed anywhere.

The Shades Do Matter: Warm Or Bright, Your Choice

Warm Or Bright, Your Choice

Now, while the placement and layering of lights are crucial to curating a fine-looking Scandinavian living room, it is also important to consider the shade of the light.

As it is known, bulbs or lights come in different hues, some are bright white, some are dark red or blue and some are warm yellow tones.

For a minimal Scandinavian interior, the ideal light shade is warm yellows.

Also, if possible, fix adjustable lights in your home that can be dimmed per your requirement at different night hours.

The Material Makes All The Difference

The Material Makes All The Difference

Don’t get mistaken here; it’s not about the fabric on your carpet, drapes, or even sofas. Rather, even the lights you use at home come in different natural materials, such as bamboo or flex, jute, etc.

The purpose of using lights made out of natural material is dual. One is that it creates a sense of calm and freshness inside the house, and the other is that the natural materials absorb more sunlight than any other.

Also, the undeniable fact that lights made using natural material offer a more Scandinavian vibe than any other artificial material.

Some quick Scandinavian-style lights you can choose for your home

1. Chandeliers


Chandeliers come in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

So whether you wish to install a chandelier made of jute in your living room or a neutral-tone one in your bathroom, it works best either way.

2. Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces

These lights are fitted on walls and offer a minimalist yet versatile look.

Wall sconces are furniture for the walls of a Scandinavian-style home. You can even find multiple options to match your home interior.

3. Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

Though these lights appear the same as chandeliers, they differ in one aspect: while chandeliers hold more than one light bulb in one hanging stick, pendant lights have one bulb per light.

This creates a cleaner and more sophisticated look for your space.


So here we are, with all this insightful understanding of Scandinavian lights and their importance in curating a perfect Scandinavian home interior.

These elements are practically straight out of the designer’s book. Hence, rest assured they are made to turn your home into a haven of light. So get up and give your Scandinavian-styled home the much-needed cozy charm it deserves.

Remember, the best way to ensure a brightened-up home is to know which lights to use, when, and where.

The placement and choice of light can make or break any stylish interior.

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