What Sets Scandinavian Living Rooms Apart?

What Sets Scandinavian Living Rooms Apart?

It’s 2024, a high time to shift our styling sense into the lane of minimalistic arts.

Of course, styling begins from our doorsteps, so why not try to give the house a Scandinavian tinch?

Imagine being surrounded by eye-comforting grey walls, getting glances of pleasant sunlight stained from the large windows.

Imagine sipping warm coffee while sitting on the fluffy woolen couches, reading your favorite book under warm light from the lampshade.

Lastly, gazing at the little plants placed on the side shelf.

Doesn’t it look like a perfect day? Yes, it is, and all you need to do is have a Scandinavian living room at your place.

Before diving into this content, read our previous blog to understand how it started.

Our previous blog on Scandinavian living room ideas provides essential context.

Buckle up as we dive into these magnanimous ideas!

1. Open it Up

Open it Up

The underrated specialty of Scandinavian living rooms is that they are clean and spacious.

They don’t have smaller elements taking all over the floor or a dense living area.

These living rooms are open in structure, joining the kitchen area and the dining room.

The main idea is to unite the whole family without separating them into walls.

Now, you can cook while watching Netflix. Cool, isn’t it?

Another feature of an open-plan living room is that it gives a clean, tidy space where every element gets full attention.

Tip: Get fitted furniture to have more maximized space.

2. Make it Functional

Make it Functional

The living room should not only be visually appealing, but it should have full course functionality features.

Get your living room a minimum but subtle range of furniture that gives your guests a homely feeling.

Attach your sofas with a spacious side table and a leg rest, and give yourself the master couch for that king-like feel.

Also, in Scandinavian living rooms, the position of the furniture should be highly precise, cluttered, and appropriate, and soft furnishings should have a simple yet elegant room.

Tip: Mirror-like art, tall lampshades, sleek-looking chairs, goofy rugs, and cushions should be the top priority.

3. The Magical Floorings

The Magical Floorings

Scandinavian living rooms should emphasize the floors more. Avoid having carpets! Instead, go for pale-coloured floors.

These will reflect more light into the room, making it look bigger.

The best option for flooring is to have a wooden texture as it imparts full focus on the architecture of the room and its interior quality.

Use rugs under the table or near the furniture to make floors more appealing and an intelligent way to avoid dirt specks.

Basic white, cream cotton, or woolen rugs with the wooden floor combination.

Tip: Wooden floors in living rooms are easier to clean.

4. Make it Shining

Make it Shining

Lights are the essence of an excellent place to live. They can make any space as the hero of the house.

It can make a room spacious, comforting, and astonishing.

Bring as much light as possible, natural or not; every bit of rays will elevate one step of your living.

Famous designer Contura Catherina recommended keeping window decorations minimal to allow entry of light well.

The curtains should be made of linen, shutter, or sheer fabric to sieve the harsh light away and bring in the calming ones.

In terms of non-natural lights, go for interesting pendant lights. They’ll be the central element of the room.

Tip: You can also get a combination of floor and table lamps.

5. Induce Natural Elements

Induce Natural Elements

A Room surrounded by plastics, silicons, and other materials can turn your mental aura negative. Having nature around you should be the top priority to give yourself a healthy and fresh living.

There are many options for natural materials like leather, wood, wicker, silk, and whatnot.

Scandinavian rooms had a special association with Nordic forests, from where their interiors were done.

Have a similar tone to grey, white, or creams to all your choices of stones, fabric colours, table, and floor colours.

Tip: Make sure the combination does not look messy and eye-destructing.

6. Plant it Up

Plant it Up

There’s no Minimalism lying in making rooms pale and boring. Plants are the best way to complement your rooms.

Their pleasant green, violet, and dense colors complement every corner of the room.

Living indoors will be more interesting when you try to make a small oasis near you. Gazing over tiny leaves growing can be a therapy indeed.

Don’t get just one big plant; enhance the ideas by having multiple racks with smaller plants. Trying to hang plants near curtains could be interesting.

For a shorter space, use a small cactus or Aloe Vera to symbolize nature’s existence.

7. Gorgeous Colour Scheme

Unique Color Combination For Scandinavian Home

Colors are the basic elements for making a room from wow to yuck! In Scandinavian housing styles, basic and subtle colors with brilliant contrasting combinations are used.

It’s a great way to restrict eye-splashing vibrant colors and the weird mixing of colors.

The natural color scheme is the best and easiest way to choose from the universe of colors.

Colors complementing the walls, floors, furniture items, lights, and curtains make it Scandinavian.

You can try using white-cream, teal-grey, or brown-beige combinations.

White sofas, white lights, walls, white vases, and white rugs, but all of them having different textures, is a brilliant Scandinavian living room idea.

Tip: Try an all-white interior to give it a marble effect.

Wrapping Up

Thus, we can conclude that Scandinavian living rooms are a unique way of expressing our emotions and creativity in a materialistic manner.

Each element in the room signifies our thoughts, and living around them makes us feel more ‘Living.’

Scandinavian styles pass their essence from Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Finland and compile our interests and choices together.

These designs are not only eye-pleasing and trending. Still, they are also accessible, easy to install, affordable, and come in various ranges, so it’s never boring for you.

You can induce your style like lantern lights, artistic pieces, statues, abstract designs, or Japanese interior designs, yet they’ll still go along.

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