Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2025

Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2025

We all love good trends, and the beautiful thing about interior design is that while trends change over time, you can always adapt them to your taste and convenience. So, for all interior design enthusiasts who want to stay ahead of the trend, there are a few incoming details that you’ll want to incorporate into your homes.

In this article, we’ll take you through some of the hottest interior design trends for 2024 to 2025 so you can be the person with that house that everyone draws inspiration from.

Soft Minimalism

Soft MinimalismWhile the concept of minimalism has still gripped people’s hearts, finding the balance of bringing in some soul and lighting up your interior spaces with things you love gives it some soul and doesn’t make the environment feel so sterile.

Soft minimalism includes using warm colours, light wood, and textiles. A bright armchair original coffee table will work wonders to bring soft minimalism to life.


2024 has been labelled the year of prioritising comfort and creating spaces where people want to spend as much time as possible. This trend incorporates modular, functional, and flexible furniture as well as tactile fabrics to promote a feeling of cosiness and closeness. Think modular sofas that can easily be adjusted to fit your guests for a hang-out.


TextureFrom the walls to the furniture, texture is in! The use of textures creates a welcoming and harmonious sensory experience that emphasises comfort, balance, and serenity. To implement this trend, consider using contrasting fabrics, layering various fabrics, or adding textured furniture.

Wood is a firm favourite amongst interior designers thanks to its authenticity, versatility, and beauty. Marble pieces also add a touch of texture and sophistication to interiors.

Modern eclecticism

Those who love to collect items and mesh different styles in their own unique space will love the modern eclecticism trend. While you may have looked at your grandparent’s home and thought, “There’s way too much going on here”, modern eclecticism shows us the possibility of combining contemporary hints with period furniture, minimalism and crafts to bring in that personalised aesthetic.

Quiet luxury

Quiet luxurySome of the most captivating spaces are created by building the aesthetic of the room around a timeless piece, and that’s exactly what quiet luxury is. Think large furniture with classic shapes and silhouettes, luxuriously soft textured fabrics and rich woods that scream sophistication, and you’ve got it.


When the influences of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design meet, it gives way to an altogether elevated comfort, functionality, simplicity, serenity and connection to nature. The best way to incorporate this trend into your spaces is to create a minimalist effect with furniture that has straight lines and neutral tones. Add in a few plants, and don’t shy away from wood.

Vintage lighting

Vintage lightingEverybody needs a little patina in their rooms to bring a sense of class and elegance, and vintage lighting is just the right level of subtlety and suaveness for the job. The right vintage lighting has the ability to bring a room together and create harmony.

Whether it’s a statement chandelier for some drama or an antique lampstand, follow your instinct and let it light up your masterpiece.

Everything artisanal

It’s time to embrace the artisanal way of life and bring in those bespoke pieces that show off the skill and passion of human hands. Try incorporating handblown glass and hand-carved furniture for those statement pieces that capture the beauty of irregularity.

Invisible Technology

Next up in the trends you need to have is invisible or silent technology. Using technology in our homes nowadays is inevitable, but we no longer have to live with wires sticking out and ruining the aesthetic.

The goal of invisible technology is to incorporate devices and systems in an aesthetically pleasing and discreet way. Home automation is one of the easiest ways to incorporate invisible technology into your home.


Eco-friendlinessNow more than ever, people are falling in love with Mother Nature and doing their best to look after this planet we call home. Making your home as eco-friendly as possible is one of the biggest movements in interior design and is sure to be more than just a trend. A few ways to make your home eco-friendly is to incorporate:

  • Energy-efficient and natural lighting
  • Smart home technology
  • Water-saving fixtures
  • Sustainable materials
  • Upcycled and repurposed items

The aim is to create spaces where you’re not only closer to nature but also living practically and respecting the environment.

Final Thoughts

For anyone wanting to elevate the style of their home and ensure they incorporate these trends well, hiring an interior designer is the best way to bring your ideas to life. Get in touch with the people at Aude Interiors for all your interior design needs.


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