apricot pecan breakfast bars

sometimes i think cooking is a bore and it feels more like a big fat chore than anything.  but there are recipes, like this one, that are mysteriously fun.  i don’t know what the secret is, why sometimes it’s a joy and sometimes it’s a pain in the arse.  one of life’s mysteries i guess.  but this recipe is a good ol time in the kitchen- maybe because it’s just so simple and quick. and are the perfect thing to grab for breakfast when you’re in a rush or snack on in between meals. sweet & healthy goodness, these bars.

recipe and a bit more after the jump

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sweet potato, kale and black bean hash

happy monday all, hope you had a great weekend!  lately i’ve been thinking a lot about healthy food, and how to make it easier for people to incorporate it into their already busy and full lives.  i think “healthy” food almost always requires just a little more time since it’s not pre-made, pre-packaged, etc

i imagine that after working 8-10 hours in an office the last thing anyone really wants to do is come home and prepare a meal.  i’m fortunate enough to make my own hours and work from home, and i still struggle with this. so i’m trying to think of ways to make life just a little bit easier.  one of my ideas for this is prepping large batches of food to be used in multiple meals throughout the week.  for instance, on sunday i made a huge batch of roasted sweet potatoes (cooked while we were roasting brussel sprouts for our sunday night dinner).  and this morning i turned some of them into a breakfast hash, tomorrow i’ll make these with them and by wednesday just when i think i can’t eat another sweet potato, i’ll throw them into my lunch salad giving them a whole new life.

do you have any tips or tricks for squeezing cooking/healthy eating into a busy life?  do you find yourself coming home from work exhausted and just reaching for the quickest, easiest meal?  let’s chat about this and share our solutions in the comments!  xx- sarah   {recipe after the jump}

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i like big {oat} balls and i cannot lie!

yeah, i wrote that.  no shame.  these oat balls have me all riled up, they’re so good!  and i’m not going to advise you to dip them in melted chocolate (DO IT!) because that would transform them from a healthy breakfast / snack to dessert. but if you did, you probably wouldn’t be disappointed. recipe after the jump.

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sweet & salty polenta breakfast

during spring in coastal southern california there’s a marine layer that overtakes the mornings that’s referred to as “may grey” and “june gloom”.  it’s not uncommon to wake up and feel like it’s winter, only to have the sun pop out later in the day and realize you’re dressed in entirely too many clothes.  for these mornings i’ve been enjoying this treat, it warms me up and is a good mix-up from the everyday oatmeal. the trick: lots of salt and a really high quality maple syrup. delicious!

the what:

1/2 cup polenta (not the quick-cooking kind!)

3/4 cup almond milk

1 1/4 cup water

sea salt

high grade maple syrup

the how:

combine polenta, almond milk and water in a pot and cook over medium/low heat. stif often!  i like to hover over polenta cooking it almost like a risotto with constant stirring. but it’s not necessary, just my preference.

add salt and taste. you want this polenta good and salty, so don’t hesitate to add more!  you’ll be adding some sweet down the road so a good salty base is important.

keep tasting (critical) and add some more water if it gets too thick before it’s gotten soft. when it’s thoroughly cooked (soft, salty and a consistency you’re pleased with) remove from stove and spoon into a bowl.  this makes one substantial servings or two little ones.

drizzle with maple syrup and eat while it’s piping hot!  june gloom be damned.