roasted garlic hummus

i’ve been making hummus that i felt sort of meh about for a long time.  it was good, but for some reason never tasted as good as other people’s hummus.  you know how that happens?  and then…. i decided to try roasting my garlic before i added it.  i know, this isn’t revolutionary.  no one landed on the moon and it was only one giant step for ME, not mankind.  but STILL, i’m pretty excited.  so if you’ve been feeling meh about your own hummus, give this a shot.  and if you have other ideas for hummus i’d love to hear! (another hummus you might love)  more after the jump!



2 cups cooked chickpeas

1 garlic bulb

1 1/2 lemons

1 tablespoon tahini

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1/2 cup water (more or less)

extra virgin olive oil

flat leaf parsley to garnish (optional)



 - chop off top of garlic bulb revealing tops of cloves

- drizzle olive oil over bulbs 

- wrap bulbs in tinfoil and roast at 400 degrees until solf and golden (took me about 45 minutes in a convection toaster oven, with three other bulbs)

- in a food processor with an s blade combine the chickpeas, sea salt, tahini, lemon juice and 5 roasted garlic cloves (use more or less to taste!)

- blend until hummus takes on a creamy texture  (add water little by little until you like the consistency)

- serve with a healthy drizzle of olive oil

- garnish with paprika and chopped flat leaf parsley 

- enjoy!

i like big {oat}balls and i cannot lie!

yeah, i wrote that.  no shame.  these oat balls have me all riled up, they’re so good!  and i’m not going to advise you to dip them in melted chocolate (DO IT!) because that would transform them from a healthy breakfast / snack to dessert. but if you did, you probably wouldn’t be disappointed. recipe after the jump.

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the what: 

3 cups oats (gluten free if you’d prefer)

1/2 cup zante currants or raisins

1/4 cup toasted & salted almonds, chopped

1/4 cup chopped nuts (i used pecans, hazelnuts and walnuts)

1/4 cup agave (could probably substitute honey, if preferred)

3/4 cup of almond butter (plus a little more if needed)

the how

combine nuts, oats and currants in a large mixing bowl. add agave syrup and mix. then add almond butter, 1/4 cup at a time, and mix thoroughly.  once everything is combined, form mixture into large balls. add additional almond butter if you have any trouble with them sticking together.  give em a good squeeze to make them solid!  let sit before enjoying, (or eat straight away, it will just be a little messier). enjoy!

*  recipe makes 15 large balls  (haha!  there’s a 5th grade boy inside of me and he’s taken over for the day, it was nearly impossible for me to get through this post without giggling uncontrollably)