hi everyone!  thought i’d share the ingredients for the yums i’ve been posting on my instagram lately!  since these are my everyday meals and it would make me bonkers to write down the amounts of each ingredient, they’re not full recipes.  but i’ve listed out the ingredients (plus a few notes when necessary) and you can throw in whatever amounts make your mouth happy!  hope you love!  xx- sarah  {more after the jump}

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i know some people are super annoyed by people who post their food on instagram, but i’m not one of them!  i love seeing the yummy things people are eating, i get inspired by it for my own future meals.  so i’ve been sharing more of what my day to day eats look like on my own instagram.  since i’ve been eating super clean there’s a ton of color and lots of vegetables! to answer a few questions i’ve gotten:  {more after the jump}

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just a reminder that this saturday i’ll be selling items from my closet and our home on an instagram pop-up shop! here’s a quick peek at some of the items that are going to be up for grabs.  dressed, handbags, shoes, pillows, rugs, and an amazing deer with gold tipped antler.  what more could you want?!  head over here for more info! (and my every day instagram, in case you want to follow along )