i know some people are super annoyed by people who post their food on instagram, but i’m not one of them!  i love seeing the yummy things people are eating, i get inspired by it for my own future meals.  so i’ve been sharing more of what my day to day eats look like on my own instagram.  since i’ve been eating super clean there’s a ton of color and lots of vegetables! to answer a few questions i’ve gotten:  {more after the jump}

– no, i won’t be able to post recipes for every dish, but am always happy to list out the ingredients, which is usually enough to get you 90% there- for the rest, trust your kitchen instincts and you’ll be golden!

– the noodles i’ve been making nonstop are from my new favorite kitchen tool ( i also cannot say enough great things about this bad boy, a gift lou got for his birthday from his best friend that i’ve quickly commandeered and made my own- LIFE CHANGING!)

– with the exception of the rad triangle napkin in the upper right corner, which can be found here, all of my current napkins are older/out of stock/from japan.  will be updating the collection with some new ones soon and will share my sources when i do!

– almost everything i’m making these days has copious amounts of garlic, ginger, and lemon.  cannot seem to get enough of any of them!

– no one aksed about THIS, but it really shouldn’t be missed.

allrightthen my friends, hope to see you on instagram! i’ll be back soon with a recipe to share!  xx- sarah

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Reader Comments

  1. Natalie Howes|

    Just ordered the julienne peeler. Very excited to start turning my vegetables into noodles. Thanks for the recommendation! Love your blog, by the way. I'm a new reader and am enamored with your aesthetic.

  2. Caroline|

    Would love the recipes for everything!!! It looks amazing. Love your blog!!! xo

  3. Alexa|

    And they are all displayed so beautifully. That's what makes them seem more appealing. And healthy! Hooray! 🙂

  4. Caroline|

    Oh my gosh! How am I not following you?? I am guilty of following more "foodgrams" than I am friends. Instagram food shots are perfect inspiration for meals. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. elizabeth|

    hi sarah! i love your instagram foodie shots! great healthy inspiration. just a quick question – when you mention the ingredients (like ginger, garlic, etc) – are you making sauteing everything in the bowl or making a sauce/vinaigrette of some kind? or just mixing it all together raw?


  6. Liz {What Dress Code?}|

    I always always always put garlic in everything, but I definitely need to up the ante on the lemon and ginger — such great add-ins for flavor and all-around well-being!

  7. Kelly|

    Oh my goodness…I'm SO with you there. For some reason I always have to take a picture of my food!! And I love seeing other delicious foodie pictures on Instagram!

    Your pictures are making me drool haha…looks like I need to follow you on Insta! Mmmm noodles

  8. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone!

    @caroline- depends on what i'm making, but i use garlic/lemon in almost everything from noodle bowls to salad dressings. and ginger in most things i cook lately. just can't seem to get enough of all of them! 🙂

  9. tiffany|

    I like seeing your food photos on instagram. Keep them coming! It certainly makes me hungry + inspired to make + eat more healthy meals!

  10. ali jane|

    I bought a julienne peeler for ten bucks at my local hardware store two weeks ago and it is GREAT! Zucchini noodles are the best when it's crazy hot out. I've been topping with peso, and am about to try with Croatian Ajvar red pepper sauce. I'd love your ingredient lists for some other options…

  11. Adventures in Dressmaking|

    Such pretty shots!! I have a lot of fun sharing our more interesting meals on Instagram… there are a few mixed in there! Since I started eating Paleo I've been eating a lot better (veggies and protein at every meal instead of just fruit and dried fruit and nuts of my raw vegan days… yikes!) so am a lot more proud of what I've been making! Your gorgeous photos are an inspiration!