nemesis (and happy halloween)

Ruca Bean Yates-Mora has an ongoing battle with a squirrel that’s lasted for 2+ years.  It sits in the low lying branches of a tree in our canyon backyard and chirps at her, taunting her while she waits patiently for it to make ONE FALSE MOVE.  She’s a relentless hunter though and one day that squirrel WILL be hers (and don’t tell PETA but we’ve definitely discussed helping out Bean’s cause with a little rock throwing).  That squirrel is her nemesis.  And all of this makes Bean’s Halloween costume THAT MUCH AWESOMER.

halloween is coming!!!

In our neighborhood people don’t mess around when it comes to Halloween decorations.  And we love them for that.  This house has no less than 6 electrically powered vignettes.  Pumpkin people coming out of coffins, riding see-saws on grave-tops and clawing their way out of the ground.  It’s pretty freakin rad.  They win.