nemesis (and happy halloween)

Ruca Bean Yates-Mora has an ongoing battle with a squirrel that’s lasted for 2+ years.  It sits in the low lying branches of a tree in our canyon backyard and chirps at her, taunting her while she waits patiently for it to make ONE FALSE MOVE.  She’s a relentless hunter though and one day that squirrel WILL be hers (and don’t tell PETA but we’ve definitely discussed helping out Bean’s cause with a little rock throwing).  That squirrel is her nemesis.  And all of this makes Bean’s Halloween costume THAT MUCH AWESOMER.

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  1. Rebekah|

    New reader via a June Bug tweet. Love the squinty eyes your dogs is making at you. :) Ours frequently does the same.

  2. Susan P.|

    Oh, if you only knew how hard this picture made us laugh (us = me + 2 young sons who adore all things furry). Thanks for sharing your pictures and a slice of your life. It surely brightened our day today!

  3. sarah yates|

    That is brilliant. She would totally be saying that if she could speak.