I had this vision of an epic photo of Bean and I, mother and daughter, smiling at the camera with the lake and sunset behind us.  But apparently, Bean had her own ideas.  And standing with her back to the lake WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN {MOM!}. And we were losing light fast.  So instead, I have these.  Great reminders that Bean has a mind and will of her own, and that I should always, ALWAYS carry treats.  

SHOP THIS OUTFIT:  overalls: Zara, shirt: Edith Miller (similar), hat: Rag and Bone, booties: Minnetonka (another pair i love), lips: Kat Von D “A Go-Go”


hi everyone!  hope you had a great weekend!  as i mentioned before, lou and i celebrated our five year dating anniversary friday.  do you do that?  it’s so fun to re-live the day we first started our love affair, i can’t give it up just because we have a more official wedding anniversary!  we usually start talking about it a couple days before (we go over all the little details- our first kiss, what we did that day, how we both felt- it’s kind of disgustingly cute). to celebrate on friday we went out to brunch, to knott’s soak city  (i do not recommend), watched movies in bed, had dinner at one of our palm springs favorites (workshop), and exchanged sentimental cards that made me cry.  it was perfect!

so i guess i jumped the gun a little when i wrote that we’re halfway through the year, it’s not really half way through the year until july 1st.  i get excited for fresh starts, what can i say?! mondays, new months, new years, halfway points, they all give me a little thrill.  so i suppose i probably carry on pretending that we’re halfway through until it hits july, then start over!  

thanks so much to all of you who responded to my little survey (and it’s still open if you want to chime in here)! your answers are helpful, encouraging, kind and so great to read.  they’ve also inspired me!  the overwhelming consensus was MORE of EVERYTHING!  i get it and i agree, more is always more!  so, i’m going to add in a few things to the weekly rotation…and try to increase the amount of posting i do.  here’s what i’ve got planned….  {more after the jump}

one thing that i’d like to add into my friday links is a “reader of the week” to share your sites with each other! so, if you will, please leave your blog / website in the comments on the friday links posts if you’d like to be included and i’ll choose a favorite to share the following week!  i hope that will help build even more of a community around here.

per a few requests i’m also going to try to include more budget friendly options in my style/ask sarah series (starting after today’s style post that is very not wallet friendly).  here’s my disclaimer though- i always think it’s best to buy the highest quality that you can afford, and invest in clothing that will last.  i’d rather have a smaller selection of high quality items than a million things from Forever 21 and H&M.  i think H&M and Forever 21 are great, but I shop there on VERY limited occasions because the quality isn’t there and i’ve found that my purchases rarely last more than 6 months in my closet.  and i can’t stand that kind of waste!  so in the past when i’ve been on a more restrictive budget i’ve scoured sales racks like a maniac (nordstrom rack, off 5th and tj maxx!) to buy high quality pieces at a huge discount.  that being said, we all gotta do what we gotta do to get dressed every morning!  i’ll try to find some less expensive, high quality items to include more often, pinky swear. 

i’m also going to start a series that’s just general musings on life.  don’t worry, i don’t think i’m a guru or even close to having HALF of it figured out, but i have learned some things in my years adventuring around and would love to have more discussions about how to live a better, happier life!  i so look forward to that (and know that i read ALL of your comments, and am always amazed and inspired by your words on these kinds of posts!)  

have a great monday everyone!  i’ll be posting a style post that might be my favorite so far in just a couple hours to kick off this “fresh start”!  xx- sarah

* more photos 0f ruca bean yates mora here

Dog Monday

hi friends!  i hope you had a great weekend, a happy cinco de mayo, a relaxing sleepy sunday and all the goodness that a couple of days off can bring!  it’s been way too long since i shared a little snap of ruca bean yates-mora with you (i’ve been mostly sharing our dog styling antics on my instagram).  but here she is, she’s bringing in monday with her normal charm and sass.  and in 4 short days we’ll be celebrating her 7th birthday!  i swear when she runs around our yard or spazzes out when a friend comes over you wouldn’t think she’s a day over two.  i love her extra for that. 

in other news, i’ll be back later this afternoon with a recipe post  to help you detox from an over-indulgent weekend!  and i’ll also be sharing a few of the bean outtakes on my facebook this afternoon as well.  i really, really don’t think you want to miss them, so be sure to check in!  xx- sarah

adios amigos, i’m off to tulum!

i’ve been plotting a little surprise for you all, which if you follow me on twitter you’ll have gotten a little hint of.  tomorrow i’m headed to mexico!  i’ve always wanted to check out tulum, so i’m pretty excited.  i’ll be photographing a wedding for birds of a feather and soaking up as much sun as possible in a week’s time. that’s the good news for me.  the good news for you is that while i’m gone i have the most amazing line up of guest bloggers! *pats self on back for actually being able to plan something more than two days in advance*  and they’re cooking up something special just for you. { HINT HINT } i can’t wait to share with you!  and then when i get back from tulum i’ll tell you all about our adventures!  so much goodness to look forward to.  ARRIVEDERCI!  xx- sarah