I have to admit, I love a big box store.  I think it’s incredible to source vintage pieces and I love the idea of filling a house with lovingly acquired pieces collected over a decade from travel and flea markets and estate sales.  But the truth is I am far too impatient for that, and stores like CB2 are killing it these days, and also the flea markets in southern CA are $$$$$ (or at least the pieces I always want are kidney-sale inducing).  I woke up to one of CB2’s promotional emails the other day for the Fred Segal collaboration and I couldn’t click over to view the entire collection fast enough (lots of these pieces are from that collection).  Fill our house with these organic modern pieces, please!  Please???  See more of what I love at CB2 below (ps not sponsored just normal super fan/compulsive decor shopper activity)  Happy decorating my friends!  xx- Sarah

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  1. lynn|

    Same! I saw that email and was drooling instantly. It was also the first sunny day in weeks and all I wanted was to buy a whole new outdoor furniture set. Ugh.

    • Sarah Yates|

      Oh that post grey days shopping bug is REAL!!!!! I always want to replace my entire closet and everything in my home when Spring hits. HA!