Living Room Refresh with St. Frank

Hi friends!  I’m popping in today to share an update on our living room… the baby proofed, textile-rich haven that we collapse into after a long day of toddler chasing that I love so much!  This room has been mostly the same since we moved in four years ago and was starting to feel a little stuck to me.  Does that happen to you?  It had also become impractical for our life with Teo.  That copper coffee table may have been one of my most favorite pieces of furniture ever but the reality of a toddler running around it and the risks involved sent my heart racing every time we were all in the space together, so I knew it was time to replace it with something more family friendly.  Our pillows had about 6 years of life under them and were starting to really show the wear and tear, so I figured it was time to refresh them as well.  And lucky for us St. Frank came to the rescue with their new line of customized textiles and their gorgeous fabric by the yard!!!!

My favorite way to update a space is to replace the throw pillows.  Ok, I may have an addiction to throw pillows.  We have more than I care to admit and I shuffle them around from space to space when I start to feel like a room needs mixing up.  But it’s seriously the BEST way to make a space feel new without having to make a major investment or replace furniture.  And so I landed on these pattern-full beauties from St. Frank– which are seriously the most high quality pillows we’ve ever had.  And because they now offer customized orders I was able to order them the EXACT size I wanted.  Such a major win for my Type A decorating self!

Which brings me to that ottoman, another major win.  I knew I wanted something friendly for a toddler to climb on and something that would bring pattern and life to the space.  I also wanted it to be a bit smaller than what we had so there would be more floor space for play and so that when we remove the section of the couch to fit the most enormous Christmas tree we can find into the room, the coffee table will still look right.  Designing your living room to accomodate for your Christmas tree is normal, yes?  HA!  Anyway, I searched high and low and came up with nada.  I knew I had to do something custom to really get what I was looking for.  And this fabric from St. Frank had my heart from the moment I spotted it.  My dear friend at Nok Nok Living came to the rescue and helped me design/produce what I was imagining.  A padded, oversized, family friendly piece that would carry us happily through Teo’s childhood.  I don’t feel like we’re sacrificing AT ALL in the design department- it’s a real beaut and so perfect for this season of our lives!  Head over to St. Frank to peep their entire collection of my most favorite textiles, wallpaper and fabric by the yard– and while you’re there check out their art and curiosities too (warning: you will want EVERYTHING).

Click through for a full list of sources.  Happy decorating!!!!  XX- Sarah

Couch  //  Ottoman (custom with this fabric)  //  Pillows: 1 / 2 / 3  // JUJU Hats  //  Rug //  Sconces (vintage)  //  vase

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