Oh hello!

Hi friends!  I don’t want to jinx myself but lately Teo has been sleeping from 6 pm to 6/6:30 am. TWELVE SOLID HOURS.  Do you know what this does for our lives?  EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!  Seriously.  Every single good thing possible.  He’s been sleeping through the night regularly since about 6 months old when we sleep trained, but he was always an early riser.  6 am feels like sleeping in for me and I swear I have a new lease on life- like sign me up for a marathon and can anyone recommend a babysitter in San Diego so Lou and I can have a date night and do you think I should write a book now with my newfound mental energy but also why does daylight savings have to happen?!!  HA!!!!!  Hopefully the amazing sleep continues.  BUT…. I woke up at 4:30 today.  He slept until 6:30.  WHYYYYYY LIFE?!

On the bright side I had a bit of time to do some interwebbing and look what I found!  This gorgeous house renovated by Kyal and Kara, an Australian design/construction duo.  I don’t know for sure but I think they may be Australia’s future Chip and JoJo.  That sliding door- that’s the kind of thing my indoor/outdoor living dreams are made of.  Pretty wonderful, right?  Pop over here to see more of this inspired house!  I hope you love.  xx- Sarah

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  2. dana|

    Hello, I LOVE the look of this hotel, holy WOW! I’ve been kind of redecorating my house to be more naturalish and neutral and this is perfect. It also reminds me of a less modern version of the airBnB we stayed in during our trip to Iceland (it was amazing as well!).

  3. Embankment Stairway|

    We rent also, it’s a beautiful English plain garden, trees, shrubs, grass… but my own I do all in pots. You can move them around, take them with you etc. See my Instagram if you want

  4. Mary|

    There is a great need to keep every place in your house neat and clean, it is because kids can get the better environment to grow if your house is entirely clean