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Hi friends!  Since we’re still in the thick of getting settled in the house (HOW HAS IT BEEN THREE MONTHS?!) you know I’m scouring the interwebs for shiny things to fill every nook and cranny.  My obsession with metals is not stopping anytime soon, so be prepared for a lot of brass, copper, bronze and gold when I can finally share something!  I put together this roundup of gold goodness from High Fashion Home to inspire your own decorating today.  Ok FINE.  I’m shopping.  A lot.  And I’m dragging you into it with me!!!!!  {monkey covering mouth emoji}  We’re probably years away from a kitchen remodel but I already know I have to have (as in will probably suffer a sad, lonely death without) those bar stools.  And that lamp.  *sigh*  I thank the universe every day that there are people designing beautiful things to fill our homes with, I get so much satisfaction from surrounding my family with loveliness to look at.  Ok, I’m rambling.  Or rationalizing.  It’s hard to tell!  Get yer shop on, I need partners in crime! And I added some mystery links below to a few other things I’m coveting because surprises are FUN and my wish list is long!   Enjoy!  xx- Sarah

Sources: 1 /  2  /  3  / 4  / 5  /    /  7  /  8  /  9  /  10

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  1. Chelsea|

    LOVING #4. You always source the very best pieces and it’s always a happy surprise to see what you’ll share.

  2. Deb|

    That rectangular lamp is certainly something to get excited about! have enjoyed visiting the High Fashion Home site as well