Pencil Skirt and Plaid


Happy Tuesday my friends!  First and foremost I want to thank you so, so much for all of your kind comments on this post last week.  I want to respond to each of them individually, and honestly I wish I could reach through the computer and hug each and every one of you.   You are seriously the best, the best readers, the kindest souls, the perfect reminder to me that this planet is overflowing with goodness.  Thank you, you will never know how much your kind words help me and touch my soul.

Now, on a lighter note- a style post.  And, most importantly, SHOPBOP IS HAVING THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILY 25% OFF SITEWIDE SALE  that I pretty much go bonkers over!!!!  So, if like me, you have your favorites hearted and wait for this very moment for some splurge shoes or a dress you’ve been coveting- hop on it!!!!  And speaking of splurge shoes- I found these pups on sale for 60% off.  Heart palpitations.  IRO heart palpitations, it’s an actual thing.  And this shirt- for $37, which after the $25% discount would practically be free, right?!  I don’t know.  MATH.  (But if you do order, I recommend a size up- I usually wear a s/xs and I wear a medium in this top.  Probably because of my boobs though.  If that helps.

Ok, here’s a sbeak peek below of what I’m ordering during this major sale, and links to what I’m wearing above are included…  xx- Sarah

Sarah_yates_A_House_in_the_hills-77797 Sarah_yates_A_House_in_the_hills-77796 Sarah_yates_A_House_in_the_hills-77799

Sarah_yates_A_House_in_the_hills-77789 Sarah_yates_A_House_in_the_hills-77775 Sarah_yates_A_House_in_the_hills-77790 Sarah_yates_A_House_in_the_hills-77785 Sarah_yates_A_House_in_the_hills-77781

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  1. Monica|

    You look smokin’ hot here Sarah! The cropped plaid shirt is so unexpected, but I love it with the pencil skirt.

    Monica x

  2. Maryse|

    You look AMAZING! Definitely having my eyes on that romper and amazing bracelet.