For the Love of Beni Ourain


Today’s home inspiration post is all about THAT RUG!  It’s no secret, I love vintage Beni Ourain rugs (seen in all of these photos), and I’ve yet to see a reproduction made in the states that holds up to the gorgeous, plush, amazingness and design of the originals made in the mountains of Morocco.  But getting your hands on one- shipped from Morocco, can feel like a daunting process.  Which is why I want to introduce you to Boutique Maroc.  I just ordered a rug from them for our living room and it’s insanely gorgeous, in perfect condition, the price was completely fair and the shipping time was outrageously fast.  Above and beyond all of that, they were quick to respond to my questions and just the sweetest people to work with.  So, holla for vintage benis and a brilliant supplier!  Will share photos of ours in a house update post soon, I promise!  It feels a little like wrangling piglets getting this house ready for any sort of update post.  But I’ll get there!!  xx- Sarah

beni_2 beni-3 Modern_Palm-_Springs_House_A_House_in_the_Hills-38

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  1. kelly|

    Is the one that you had in your old place vintage or a replica? I’m moving into a larger place and have been obsessively looking at rugs and can’t decide if it is worth it to (a) pay for the real thing (vintage) (b) buy a decent replica (west elm) or (c) cheap out (overstock, wayfair, etc.) Thoughts???

    • Sarah Yates|

      The one in our old house is vintage (shown above in our dining room). We had the Anthropologie one in our living room. It did not hold up nearly as well- these vintage pieces are pretty much indestructable! Here’s my thinking: if you’re a renter, buy an original if it will be a size that will be able to carry through to other houses down the road, if not- consider a decent replica. I’ve never seen a cheap one I didn’t strongly dislike (personally). if you’re an owner: SAVE UP AND BUY AN ORIGINAL!!!! And seriously, check out Maroc- very reasonably priced and I swear these rugs will last an absolute lifetime. They only get better with age. 🙂