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hi friends!  as you can probably tell from this late posting it’s been quite the week.  for my weekend i’m looking forward to some family / pool time, making a quick trip into LA to meet our friend’s new baby and going for a hike with my little sister.  what’s on your agenda?  here’s some internet pleasure for sunday morning…in the event you’re not in the throes of an egg hunt of course.  have a great one!  xx- sarah   {more after the jump}

speaking of pancakes..are you looking for the perfect recipe for an easter brunch?  

pretty, inspirational, fun.  well played fashion edit, well played.

if you like all things birds of a feather and wedding related, this just happened!

your weekly dose of cute.  prepare to melt into a giant puddle.

add this to the list of things i fantasize about and would consider selling 8% of my soul to call my own.

and add this to the list of things i’ll probably get without selling any of my soul.

OMG!  i know it’s kind of wrong but i secretly wish this was happening to me. #twinfantasies

a color explosion i am so loving!

we haven’t discussed this yet but it’s been on my mind: what do you think of the wedge sneaker trend?

lou and i will be going to this in april- would love to meet you there if you can make it! 

if eggs were our thing we’d be all over this!

my friend amanda’s home tour is bananas pretty!  she is such a babe.

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  1. Jamie|

    Sarah, I unwillingly like the wedge sneaker trend. The only problem is that there are so many BAD versions out there! The only pairs I would be willings to sport are the Isabel Marants (the original, so obviously!!) and the Nike Dunk Sky-Highs. But at the same time, they are so not practical that I don't think I will give in. Which is both a good and a bad thing ;)