i’m a little over a week into this product-free experiment so i thought i’d check in with some updates.  so far, so great!  i’m loving it. i’ve done three baking soda washes in the past eight days or so, and one apple cider vinegar rinse.  my hair seems to be improving by the day- it’s less frizzy (but also not greasy), it’s not tangling up the way it usually does and i can’t lie- i absolutely love how low maintenance it is.  most days i just rinse it in the shower, towel dry, blow dry my bangs and i’m set for the day!  a far cry from the shampoo-condition-leave in conditioning spray-blow dry-moroccan oil rigamarole i’m used to!  {more after the jump}

i’m having a harder time getting behind the apple cider vinegar rinse.  after my hair dries the smell goes away, but it comes back in full force every time it gets even the tiniest bit wet.  and smelling like a weird pickle while conquering the treadmill at the gym is not my idea of cute.  so i haven’t used the vinegar rinse since that one time.  i have added a little bit of (unrefined) coconut oil to the ends a couple of times, to give them some love. and i ordered the fancy mason pearson brush to help distribute the natural oils from my scalp.  it was a definite splurge but i know i was spending that much on hair products every few months anyway.  and all the reviews say it’ll last a lifetime with the right care.  

lastly, in this quest to grow mermaid hair, i’m taking these prenatal vitamins.  have you heard? they’re supposed to help your hair and nails grow faster/stronger.  i’m not sure i’m sold yet, but i also don’t mind the idea of a daily dose of goodness.  do you have any other tips or tricks for achieving mermaid hair status?  (meanwhile, this is still happening!)

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  1. kelly|

    Yay for no 'poo! I've been shampoo/conditioner free for a little over a year and a half and LOVE it. My hair has never ever been better! Stick with it! In the beginning you'll have a few yucky days, as you hair's getting used to not being stripped of the oils, but that'll pass and you'll love the results. :) Have you done the oil cleanse? I've also been doing it for the same amount of time and my skin is great!

  2. sarah yates|

    thanks @kelsey- yes, the vinegar is brutal.

    @kelly, i love this! i haven't done the oil cleanse, but i only put coconut oil on my body/face… is that similar? makes me glow! :)

  3. SantanaStyle|

    Love this post. I have been doing something similar to help my hair. You don't realize how addicting and unhealthy shampoo is for your hair till you do something like this. I also like the style section of your blog. You should check out mine when you get a chance.

  4. Brittany H|

    My fiance has been doing this for about 8 months now, and he LOVES it! He has blonde curly hair, and he saw a drastic improvement in how frizzy his hair was (especially after playing tennis several times a week). He does use the apple cider vinegar once a week, and hasn't mentioned a smell (and I haven't noticed one either). I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with that! The coconut oil sounds like a great substitute. Good luck! It's so worth it!

  5. kelly|

    Yes! You essentially "wash" your face with the coconut oil, as well. So good. And, have you tried playing around with the amount of ACV you're using? My husband is EXTREMELY sensitive to the smell and notice, when I use too much, the smell sticks around. When I use the right amount it'll only smell while it's wet. :)

  6. Ariane Elizabeth|

    Hello Sarah,

    I really enjoy your blog and have been reading it for about 6months now. (Sweet Potato tacos … to die for)
    And I remember reading about your issues with Crohn's Disease so I wanted to bring your attention to the dangers of taking prenatal vitamins when you are not pregnant. This article does a better job than I ever could so I won't even try. Also, I have been using biotin supplements which have made my hair grow faster, my nails stronger and even makes me lose weight quicker. Maybe you might want to try those? It's a vitamin as well and you can find it in any vitamin section.


  7. kristin dee|

    so i have hair that looks pretty much just like yours.. and i have to admit. though i was hesitant at first, you are really inspiring me to try this out.


    keep going with the updates!


  8. willamina|

    I did the no-poo thing for 2 years. I rinsed with baking soda water a few times a week and then once a month i did a kitchen leftovers hair mask. ( olive oil, cocoa, avacodo, mayonaise, a raw egg, honey and yogurt. ) sounds gross, and it kind of is, becuase it is a nightmare to rinse out… but it makes your hair soooo soft.

    I stopped the no-poo because I began using the shampoo developed by the Mayo Clinic for sensitive hair and skin ( Vanicream Free and Clear )… which I like, but I think about going back. Good luck!

  9. Jennifer|

    I'm very impressed by this non-traditional shampoo trial you're going on! And after being prego 3 times, I can say I think prenatal vitamins really do help the hair and nail thing. Both were amazing while I was pregnant, but after the babies, not so much. Prob bc I quit taking them until the next one rolled around – ha!

    xo, Jennifer |

  10. Lana|

    Thanks for this post Sarah! Lately I've been having to wash my hair every day to stop it looking greasy which was never a problem in the past. I thought it was because I've been exercising more lately? Whatever the reason I'm keen to give this a try!

  11. winnie|

    I tried the no-poo with the apple cider rinse for a while then had to give up. I just couldn't stand smelling like salad dressing anymore! But do keep us updated on your progress. Every no-poo post that I read makes me want to get back in and try it again.

  12. Jessica|

    I've been doing a modified 'poo-free routine for months now and I will never go back! I just use plain white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar because it's less stinky. I actually had trouble with the baking soda. I found it was too harsh and really stripped my hair dry. Lately I've been too lazy to mix the baking soda so I take a tiny drop of a natural, chemical free shampoo from whole foods and dilute it in a big jar, then pour it over my head like I would the baking soda rinse. It's gentle enough that I get the same effect as no'poo. Good luck in your hair adventures! xx


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