Hi Sarah,

I’m hoping you can help me.  I’m recently single after ending a 7 year relationship and am starting to date. I actually have my first date next week, with a guy I might really like.  My self esteem is at an all time low and I don’t want that to come across on my date.  Do you have any suggestions on something to wear to a dinner date?  Thanks!  -Carrie

hi carrie,

thanks for writing!  it’s true, a killer outfit will boost your self esteem and make easing back into the dating world a less scary experience.  i’m going to give you two options, and hopefully one of them feels like your style!  good luck to you, happy dating!  xx- sarah  

OPTION 1:  a silk romper feels playful, sexy and easy.  paired with strappy heels and great accessories you’re pretty much guaranteed to look and feel like a total fox.  i’d wear hair down and a coral lip gloss to vamp it up a bit.  add your favorite gold watch and a simple bangle and you’re completely styled! 

SHOP IT:  romper: rory beca (a more budget friendly version here), shoes: zara, necklace: j crew, bag: zara

OPTION 2:  this spotted dress is flirty, breezy and designed to flatter any shape!  add a simple gold necklace, a fun watch and throw your hair into a messy pony.  you’ll look effortlessly put together and chic.

SHOP IT:  dress: topshop, heels: boutique 9, vest: topshop (another here), bag: zara, lipstick: nars

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