sunshine, pleather and zoe karrsen

just another day frolicking in the desert in my pleather skirt.  totally normal.

skirt: h&m (similar) tank: zoe karrsen jacket: zara (similar here & here) shoes: dieppa restrepo

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  1. Geri|

    Hi Sarah, you look lovely and so peaceful in these pics. Ha, I'm really trying to channel some of your calmness! I too haven't been on top of the Xmas gift buying, so thanks to you I am also taking advantage of your gift buying pinterest! It is truly helping, but, I must admit I feel a slight bit guilty using your great ideas! I love Lou's pick of the Tretor highland in leather, great for the hubby, but I can't find them for $99, am I missing a code or something? Anyways, have a wonderful holiday! Gerixx

  2. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone! @geri- don't geel guilty, it's why we put the work into it! :)
    i think they were on sale when he originally posted them. hoppefully they'll go on sale again for you!