this is happening

here’s a peek into my life lately, clockwise from left to right: 1. i think i squealed like a baby pig when i spotted this vintage tripod planter on etsy. 2. i can’t stop eating these homemade peanut butter cups. recipe here, be warned they’re crazy easy to make and even easier to eat by the dozen. 3. a couple of other etsy finds that i’m thrilled about! 3. i added this giant gold wishbone from anthropologie to our collection, and i’m in love.

how are you all doing on your holiday shopping?  i’m blowing it, haven’t even started!  but the gift guide i’ve got going on on my pinterest is going to save me at the last minute!

all photos from my instagram

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  1. mes bijoux|

    Oh! I love your Etsy finds! I've never bought on it (and – wouldn't know how to find vintage stuff). About my Christmas presents, I don't need to buy anything because I'm doing it by myself!