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have you started your holiday shopping?  are you playing christmas music yet? I AM!  i can’t wait to get into the baking, decorating and other merriment!  lou won’t let me put the tree up until after thanksgiving, which i think is ridiculous but agree to only so i can then argue that it needs to stay up well past new years- the extra week or two helps me extend those warm holiday fuzzies. ok, it’s possible i have holiday fever.  and i’m especially anxious because our house is still in total disarray and i think that putting some christmas decor up will make me feel better about the patio furniture in our living room.  i mean, hopefully?

ps- see some of what’s on my wishlist here, and my holiday gift guide just for you, here!  i’ve been having so much fun stalking great holiday gifts and updating it, i hope you like!

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  1. Cynth|

    Ooh thank you so much! I too have holiday fever and am dying to get a jump start on all things Christmas. Been looking for gift guides but haven't found many out there yet so I LOVE that you've already got one going. My son loves fortune cookies so I got him the gold cookie box for his stocking – he will think it's such a treasure. Thank you Sarah! You are the best elf ever.