radisson hotel giveaway!

my love of travel is no secret.  and my love of staying in hotels is a big part of that.  even now, with years and years of travel under my belt i still feel like a kid in a candy store when i close the door behind me in my very own hotel room. even when i just have a quick overnight stay for a work trip, i still get a little thrill just from having a hotel room all to myself- it feels like a luxury to me!

so, it’s with great excitement that i tell you that the radisson hotel has asked me to take part in their 50 years, 50 days, 50 rooms giveaway!  the winner will receive a one night stay in any standard, double occupancy room at any radisson or radisson blu in north america.  to enter, leave a comment below telling me where in this fine land you’d want to go.  a winner will be chosen at random on friday. GOOD LUCK!

*please don’t forget to leave your contact information so i can get in touch if you’re the winner!  and for the purpose of full disclosure i want you to know that the radisson has also graciously gifted me a hotel stay for my participation in this giveaway.   

**  the giveaway is now CLOSED.  big congrats to the winner, Beth!

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Reader Comments

  1. Cassandra|

    I'm dying to plan a trip next summer to San Francisco! I would definitely utilize a night's stay at one of their lovely hotels =)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Sarah | Chic Sprinkles|

    How fun! My husband will be finishing up grad-school soon and we have noo idea where we want to move to and settle down afterwards. We have a lot of traveling and exploring ahead of us in the upcoming year, which is uber exciting for us! I think our first trip will be to either New York or Seattle. Both seem awesome and we'd love to stay at the Radisson :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway, Sarah! xo

  3. Jaime Campbell|

    I just want a cozy date night with the hubby! Or maybe I could just fly to San Francisco for a day of shopping :) xo

    P.S. I miss you
    P.S. your hair misses me :)

  4. Krysta|

    I love staying in hotels too! Especially the ones with yummy room service, comfy beds and plush robes! There are so many places I'd love to see here in the states… bur Austin and Portland currently top my list!

  5. Mindy Laven|

    I'd love to stay at the Radisson in Chicago. I love that city and haven't been there in so long! Shopping, dining, site seeing, Chicago has it all!

  6. Caroline|

    I would LOVE to go visit my girlfriend in Austin. We haven't seen each other for about a year! I just want to go put on my dancin' shoes …

  7. Shelly|

    I'd love to stay at the one in Chicago! We live just far enough away that it's not convenient to take a day trip there. Oh man, that would mean contemporary art museum, picnics at Millennium park, and record store shopping in Wicker Park!

  8. Marianne|

    I would love to even just stay in a nice hotel here in Austin for a night, before our first baby is born in January!

  9. Julip Made|

    Hmmm probably a romantic anniversary evening in NYC or Montreal with the Boy or exploring Halifax in Nova Scotia. Fingers crossed! (julipmade@gmail.com)

  10. Samuel|

    I'd explore San Francisco and spend the night with my darling at Radisson Fisherman's Wharf.

  11. Nancy Hammoudian|

    Our favorite pastime is driving up north to the central coast in California. We love to go wine tasting. It's amazing to see the many vineyards, farmlands and open space. Coming from Los Angeles, sometimes I can't believe we are still in California. We enjoy a nice dinner and always stay at the Radisson in Santa Maria. The Radisson here is very comfortable, away from everything, next to a small airport. We enjoy the views from our room of the runway with mountains in the background. The jacuzzi is very relaxing after the wine tastings and before our steak dinner. In the morning there is live music during brunch. Then off to shop before heading home. Our mini getaway revives us til the next time.

  12. Yves|

    I would love to meet our friends in Tampa. We don't see each other that much so a nice stay in their area would be very great!

    btw: a very nice website you have!

  13. Katie|

    I would love to spend a weekend in NYC with my boyfriend. We live in Philly, but the cost of travel and lodging generally doesn't allow for anything other than day trips. Winning this would be awesome! :)

  14. lindsey|

    I would love to spend a night somewhere in the Northwest where I have never been! Perhaps Portland or Seattle!

  15. Katie|

    What a fun giveaway! My hubs & I have been wanting to visit Chicago & New Mexico, and would love a stay at the Radisson wherever our journeys take us :)

  16. Chris|

    Since we live in the suburbs of Chicago, it would be nice to take my wife downtown and stay overnight at the new Radisson Blu. It looks very cool from the outside :)

  17. iz|

    My manfriend and I LOVE to travel but with moving to a new place this year our budget has been pretty limited. This would allow us to afford a nice weekend away from the Detroit snow this winter!

  18. Jacquie|

    I would LOVE to visit NY….most of my dad's family are in NY and NJ. We were the wild ones that moved here to the West Coast and while I love being in So Cal, it would be great to visit them (I haven't been there since I was 16 and I am now at the ripe old age (LOL) of 49!!

    GOOD LUCK to all entrants.

  19. Shanna|

    San Francisco or Hawaii are two places that I've always wanted to visit. A free stay at a Radisson would make that trip a lot easier!

  20. Christine|

    i want to go to your sweet home state of maine to eat lobster and celebrate gay marriage!

  21. Luis|

    I live in the Washintong Metropolitan area, regardless I would like to stay in Downtown DC, preferrably close to George Town. I love this area…

  22. Denise Curtis|

    I love traveling, but unfortunately it can get pretty expensive with gas prices and hotel costs. I really hope I win this giveaway because I'm dying to get back to Seattle. I haven't been in over 10 years!

  23. Rachel Iris|

    I'd love to explore San Francisco and spend the night at the Radisson Fisherman's Wharf.

  24. Crystal|

    Recently visited Montana – Glacier National Park and it was absolutely amazing there!! Would love to go back again and explore more. My next dream trip would be to Wyoming to see the Grand Tetons.

  25. Claire|

    My husband and I are itching for a night away from our suburban world. We love a good road trip and I've never been to Chicago. It's practically a sin considering were both born and raised in the midwest. On second thought I do need a good excuse to bust out the ol' wellies so maybe Seattle instead? :)

  26. Stacey Rae|

    Hi Sarah, Such a great give away! I love your blog, it always adds a bright spot to my day :) I have been dreaming of going to Seattle for the first time this year. Cheers

  27. Morgan|

    I would love love love to go to the great wide west and see Montana, Wyoming and the wide open spaces!

  28. Annie|

    I just moved out to the west coast (Seattle) so I'm dying to do some more exploring… San Fran, Portland, Vancouver… sign me up!

  29. Laura Podrasky|

    I think I'd either hit Santa Fe or Moab!! Easy to get to which leaves more time for playing!! Yeah!

  30. Chris D.|

    We want to visit San Francisco, so the Radisson Hotel Fisherman's Warf would be great! Thanks.

  31. Danielle|

    I've always wanted to go to Chicago to stand next to the Cloud Gate…the BIG bean!

  32. hristina|

    the pacific northwest has been calling me. northern cali (sf even) / oregon (portland) / washington (olympia). or even a nice little camper in the middle of the redwoods would be perfection.

  33. andrew|

    i'd love to go to san francisco. i've never been to the west coast, and i weekend trip out there to catch a giants game would be fantastic. thanks.

  34. Lana|

    Wow, how much fun?! Im not sure where id go, maybe Austin. Id take my oldest daughter whos a junior in high school and we would have a little mom/daughter vacation.

    Thanks for the chance!

  35. kayla @ tiny inklings|

    I always love going up to San Francisco during the holidays. There's something magical about being in a big city that's got it's party clothes on (so to speak) that you just don't get from a small town.

  36. Luis Pagan|

    Just lookimh for a nice cozy place where to share with my beloved wife, just us two and celebrate her birthday Jan 18.

  37. Jen|

    Portland! I have never been and would love a weekend getaway there with my guy!

  38. liza|

    Oooooo! This is a good one. I want to see the Grand Canyon! I've driven by it twice (well close enough to have visited) but never made it and lately it's top on my domestic travel list!

    Thanks Sarah!

  39. Heather|

    I've been putting off Portland, OR for ages. I really want to go visit! A free night would of course make this way easier!

  40. Sara|

    I'd love to go to San Francisco to see friends and not have to crash on their couch! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  41. Robert|

    I would like to travel to Denver Colorado in the fall to see the aspens again

  42. Angie|

    AMAZING! Yes please! I would love to go to NYC for a weekend getaway.

    angiegammage at gmail.com

  43. Drae|

    Seriously?! This would be ah-mazing! My husband and I would love to go to New York or Seattle! Thanks so much for the giveaway

  44. marlene|

    I want to go to the Radisson in Philadelphia in Rittenhouse Square!!! Love it there – amazing food, great art, great beer!

  45. Caroline Stephens|

    I have always wanted to go to the USA West coast from I was a teenager. My friend & I have finally planned to go 2013. I want to go everywhere on the West Coast, but so far I've narrowed it down to San Francisco, L.A. and of course Las Vegas. Ive been talking about it so much that my boyfriend wants to join us in San Francisco then travel on to Chicago.

  46. Sara Lemieux|

    My ideal would be to stay at the Radisson Blu in Boston. I am working day and night on selling my paintings and my only buyers are in Boston. One night there, would give me time to bring my paintings and meet with interested buyers. Also, I would love to visit a mutual friend I have with you and Lou… Carolyn Dowd! Anyways, as a starving artist, the Radisson would love to have me as a guest because I would be so appreciative!

    What a fun giveaway!

  47. Alexis|

    I'd like to go to Seattle! I've never visited Seattle and I'd like to see it, plain and simple!

  48. Rebecca English|

    My first choice would be NYC! I go with my mom every Christmas to see the tree, stop at the Magnolia Bakery and shop. After that long day we always take the train to Jersey and then drive back to our homes in upstate NY. It woudl be such a treat to be able to stay overnight and really enjoy the day!
    Runner-up would be Boston for a weekend of exploring the city!

  49. Anders Berg|

    I will never stay at any Radisson hotel – ever again!
    After staying at Radisson LA Westside (now Doubletree) and claiming the 100% guarantee since things weren't alright with our room – WE GOT THROWN OUT.

    Took me four months to get the attention of anyone who could settle the matter properly and by then I'd lost all faith in this cheap franchise.

    Give it to someone with low standards – maybe it'll stick…

  50. Elisenda Castro|

    I would love a winter break from school and work with a visit to Vancouver, Canada or Seattle, Washington or even New Mexico! How exciting!

  51. Nicole Marie|

    oh my gosh it would be so hard to pick just one place. Obviously I could say the typical places like NYC or Chicago… but I've actually never been t Austin, Santa Barbara, Portland or Seattle… all cities I really really want to visit!
    Thanks for hosting!


  52. Roxana Lewis|

    The Radisson Blu in Stockholm is where I want to go to seek out all of Stieg Larsson's haunts.

  53. Connie|

    like you, my 8 year old son and i love hotel rooms; they can be the best part of travel. he would happily spend the day jumping on the beds, playing games, or ordering room service. because i live in canada i would opt to go to the united states of america (btw, congrats on the obama win!)… i love portland, san francisco, and santa monica but have always wanted to visit palm springs (so jealous when you moved there!). i could escape the rainy season here in vancouver and enjoy some heat… and swim at the ace! i imagine the shopping would be fun and taking awesome pics wouldn't be too hard in palm springs (i love photography… my son calls me 'photo mama'. anyway, i am babbling now. fingers crossed i get picked! what an awesome give away.

  54. Mirella|

    Wow, THIS would be amazing! My husband and I are so in need of a mini getaway. Anywhere would do. As sleep deprived parents, just sleeping in on a luxurious Radisson bed and room service would be fantastic. Fingers crossed!

  55. Simone Anne|

    I want to stay at the one in St Martin! Sounds so magical… and would be such a fun vacation! (p.s. does that count as North America??)

    Otherwise: SF! I'm always down for a staycation in my favorite city! :D

  56. Miss Lynzie|

    I'm feeling especially patriotic after last night and since I've never been to DC, I'd love to go this spring when the cherry blossoms are blooming.

  57. tarika|

    I would take anywhere that is warm and cozy by the fire or right on the beach!!

  58. Sandy|

    I'd take off to the east coast – DC or Baltimore. I used to live out there and have been feeling homesick lately! Or maybe just an overnight in Nashville. Thanks for the opportunity!

  59. Smallgood|

    I'd love to stay in Chicago or Cleveland. My husband is applying for grad programs in those areas and I'd love to see them before committing the next 6 or so years there.

  60. Mandy|

    My Heart Belongs to San Francisco:-) Would love to get away with my Husband, its been a LONG year! Awesome giveaway, Thank You.

  61. Hillary J|

    I'd love a night away with my hubby in San Antonio.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  62. dana|

    oooh! Great question! I guess, as far as domestic destinations, I would choose New York. Although there is conference I want to go to in Austin, and Austin is a pretty cool town.
    Thanks for the giveaway, and enjoy your room!

  63. elissa|

    i would love to spend a night at the radisson blu in chicago. it's my hometown and it's magical during the holidays. a night downtown would be the perfect winter escape and a good excuse to christmas shop and finally visit BHLDN in person. fingers crossed!

  64. Wendy T|

    I want to take my son to Chicago. It'd be a huge contrast to our last trip together, which was backpacking through the desert. I think we should explore a different kind of journey this time.

    Thank you.

    won2xx at gmail dot com

  65. Serena|

    I would go to the Radisson in Austin, TX! I've always wanted to go to Austin and the Radisson there looks fab!


    I'll have to board that Chicago train. As a St. Louisan it's the perfect getaway spot.

  67. Lizz|

    I love the feeling of opening the door for the first time to reveal your hotel room…. Alway so exciting!
    I'd love to hang out in New Orleans, wander around and of course eat!

  68. immi|

    if i wana spend some time home away from home may be radison in new york with my brloved wife
    immi bordiwala ny

  69. Jenn|

    How lovely! We've had our eye on Tahoe or somewhere in Cali (the boy's never been). But then again, just about anywhere would be lovely with Minnesota winter right around the corner.

  70. Gwen Nolan|

    I would love to travel to N.Y.C. so I can be close to my relatives and friends who were adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, there were no personally known fatalities, but a few of them need lots of help rebuilding their homes and lives.

  71. alysha|

    i would LOVE to see nyc with my man and babe. i love to travel too but have somehow never been?! plus i want to help penelope see the world!!

  72. Ashli M.|

    I would love to use a free night at a hotel in Manhattan. It would be great for a girls night.

  73. Kallie B|

    Amazing! I would looooove to win this! My husband and I have a heart for travel. He is in grad school now while working full time, so our funds for adventures have been put on hold. This would be such a delight!

  74. Kelly|

    Hello! I would love a night at the Radisson Blu in Chicago! I live in Idaho and it is one of my favorite city's to visit!!

  75. Carrie S.|

    For a quickie getaway, I'd fly up to San Francisco and enjoy the city! For a longer getaway (which I desperately need), I'd love to get back to New York City, where I haven't been in longer than I'd like to admit (and I'd get to visit my college boy who is away from home for the first time!)!

  76. Minnesotamom|

    I would love a simple overnight in Minneapolis. My husband and I first hung out together as part of a group at that hotel, and it would be so fun/meaningful to revisit it as we approach our 10th anniversary. Thank you!

  77. Gina|

    If I could spend the night anywhere, I'd spend it in Savannah, GA. Sometime when it's hot!

  78. Todd Skinner|

    I live in Florida and would be so grateful to get to a place in the mountains in the cold of winter with snow! I would like to get to possibly Colorado near a ski resort.

  79. Em|

    I'd love to spend the weekend in San Francisco with my husband, who will soon be returning from military deployment overseas! After not seeing him for a year +, it would be such a wonderful gift to be able to treat him to a weekend together at a Radisson!!

  80. Lauren|

    This is awesome! I would love to travel to Charleston, SC. One of my best friends lives there and it's been too long since we've reconnected. Also, love the idea of a girls' weekend there! Shopping, history, good food, good friends – what more could I ask for?

  81. Brynn|

    I would love to visit Washington D.C. and Virginia with my husband!

  82. Virginia|

    I've been wanting to go to San Diego for a while now. Especially now with the first snow fall happening already!!!

  83. Donald Beacham|

    Port Townsend (if I spelled it right), Washington to see me daughter that I haven't seen for 4 1/2 years, would be nice.

  84. Sarah|

    A getaway to Florida with my little sister for some relaxation in the sun would be fantastic!

  85. Nadine|

    I don't even know there are so many places I want to go! I want to go skiing badly this year. But somewhere warm and beachy is always nice too!

  86. Kaylin|

    I've never been to California and it would be such a joy to escape the blustery winters we have in Minnesota for a long weekend out west!

  87. Irene|

    School and work has been really crazy and it would be nice to stay at a hotel in my city for a night with my boyfriend. Right now that sounds like the best mini vacation!

  88. Lauren|

    Me and my husband would love to go to Dallas or Chicago to explore! =] P.s. I made the oat balls yesterday! fab!

  89. Jessica|

    I would absolutely adore staying in NYC for a short trip!! I finally ventured up into the northeast for the first time this year but NYC is still #1 on my list of places to visit!

  90. Laura|

    Oh anywhere would be nice. I especially love the Santa Barbara area so maybe up there! Great giveaway!

  91. Sierra|

    Oh my, I will go anywhere!! Just a night away would be wonderful. Maybe San Diego?

  92. Claire|

    NYC!! If I had a free hotel room, I'd shop, shop and shop some more (plus eat at fabulous restaurants and see a show).

  93. Caitlin|

    What a fun giveaway! Thank you for posting.

    I'm in the mood to go to Texas, so I think I'd pick Austin for my stay at the Radisson. But honestly, a hotel room anywhere is great!

  94. Patti|

    What a cool giveaway! I would love to enjoy a hotel stay in San Francisco with my fianc. We're going on four years of long distance and I'm just sick of it! :)

  95. Tara|

    I'd have to visit NYC. My background is in theatre, my Bachelor's degree is in theatre, my theatre friends are in NYC. I just somehow, in my 30 years of life, have never made it to the city. And I'm dying to!

  96. Kara|

    My, oh my! I believe the question is, "Where would I NOT want to go?" What a great gift! My first choice would be San Francisco. I'd fly north to meet up with close friends, enjoy a nice ballet and explore the city until I could not walk any longer. Second choice, Denver. Snow, cocoa, toasty fire? Yes, please. (karamichelle31@gmail.com)

  97. Megan|

    Ooh, I've had my eye on the Radisson Blu hotels! My current travel wish list: Nashville, Charleston, Savannah, Seattle, Palm Springs! Or maybe just a stay cation here in Chicago.

  98. Katherline|

    What an awesome contest! I would love to spend my 40th birthday on a vacation in New York City or San Francisco!