oh hey, mr. president

i have to tell you, i felt this amazing sense of happiness when i voted today.  i looked around and saw all the people there who CARE, who will make sure their voice is heard, and it reminded me quickly that whatever way we vote, we’re all in this together.  we can now put this presidential campaign behind us and hopefully work together with a common goal.  we all want the best for this country and it’s citizens, it’s so important to remember that.  our country is incredibly divided right now and i feel like this is the time to reach out to those who are disappointed with the results and try to find common ground.  we can’t effect any change if we can’t find a way to work together.  let’s be kind to each other, respect different viewpoints (as difficult as it may be) and move forward in the most positive way we can!  

now i’ll get back to biting my nails as i wait for the proposition results to get in (and YAY MAINE, my sweet home state, for finally legalizing gay marriage!!!!!)

*amazing photo by peter yang

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  1. rita|

    perfect and beautifully written! hooray for marriage equality! (thanks again for chatting with my yesterday when i was freaking out! :)

  2. Shelly|

    I felt the same way when going to the polls! I felt a high after voting and looking around to see all the people who are doing their part for this country made me feel very proud.

  3. Laura|

    Im devastated. I can't afford the health insurance (or i'd have it already thru blue cross or whomever) so i will have to pay the fine. I am so baffled by our country. Socialized medicine doesn't work, i know first hand. Why cant we just take out the middle (business)men who take their huge cuts? i don't know what i will do now.

  4. Danica B.|

    I'm so proud of my country for re-electing this man. It was the right thing to do. Now if we could only go back to the united front we had after 9/11…

  5. nancy @ adore to adorn|

    I for one am thrilled with yesterday's results. I'm definitely supporting our nation's president!
    I wish people who supported Romney were not soooo negative. Sure, the man they hoped would win did not but to become hateful and wish bad things would happen to the president is not representative of what we should be doing together as a nation. It's not easy and not beautiful right now but becoming vengeful sure isn't helping anyone get anywhere either. Wishful thinking?


  6. Danica B.|


    If you can't afford health insurance, surely you qualify for Medicaid? Also, Obamacare will not go into effect until January 1st. There should be a change in rates and coverage at that time.

  7. Laura|

    No, medicaid in texas anyway is for either pregnany women or those with zero income. Even if i lost my job i still get $200 a month child support for two kids. The govt wont help increase that either. Its a huge sad mess. Im beyond angry so ill refrain from saying anymore.

  8. Esperanza Franco|

    You should stick to style commentary. Your blog is great but I don't come here to read amateur political opinions. -Esperanza

  9. angela|

    i'm so proud of my state too, WA, for the same reason! it was close but is finally official.

    i am mostly just happy to see so many people come together. seeing photos of people waiting in line at the polls, or celebrating their cause is pretty amazing.

  10. Kate|

    I was so excited to vote and so bummed when I didn't receive my absentee ballot back because it got bounced around in my home state (MD) despite the fact that I called to confirm where I was registered and where to send my ballot request! I had SO wanted to vote again this year, but am far from "home." Imagine my elation Nov.5th to open the mailbox and find my ballot!! It's allowed to be postmarked ON election day, so I was thrilled to be able to place my vote on the national and important state issues up this time! MD may not have been a swing state, so my vote for president may not have "counted" as much… but I'm proud of being a citizen in a country where we are able to voice our opinion through voting without fear for our lives and I'm so thankful I was able to do so!
    ps. yay MD for passing our Question 6 – legalizing same-sex civil marriages!!

  11. Debbie|

    I am a Republican. I am extremely unhappy with the results. This Obama care. I don't appreciate the government shoving health care down my throat. I came across you're blog. I also can't believe you would post you're political views. Are you aware how many companies have already started laying off because of Obamacare? Consider myself gone from you're blog.