election day 2012

hello friends!  today’s the day, for those of us here in the states, that we choose a new leader.  there’s a collective sigh of relief that the campaign period is over and that we can go back to listening to important news about celebrity DUI’S. right?  more after the jump…

i’d like to say though, that as many flaws and faults this country has, i feel incredibly lucky to have been born and raised here.  a little bit of world travel always makes me appreciate my homeland a bit more. i don’t think we should ever stop trying to make it better but every once in awhile it’s good to recognize the things that are amazing about this country.  with this election i hope comes even more progress (i will not ever stand behind a state, country or person who stands again human rights- the most important in this election being the rights of women and gay people).  

i’m filled with hope for our future and gratitude for what’s already been accomplished in this country. when i think about what battles our parents/grandparents were fighting over civil rights such a relatively short time ago i realize that i’ll see amazing change in this lifetime. 

get out there people, get your vote on!  

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  1. ateqah|

    i just want to say thanks for taking the time and space to comment on things like the election and sandy, etc. i've been frustrated over the last week by many lifestyle bloggers who have continued posting like business as usual when in reality the last few weeks have been incredibly tumultuous for our country, especially those of us in NYC and the northeast. i appreciate you using your platform to raise awareness about these important things.

  2. rachel|

    I agree with @ateqah completely. You know how to strike a balance with the design/foodie/fashion interests & current events that truly matter while staying true to your voice. Thanks for bringing up the election! ­čÖé

  3. rita|

    100% agree with you – my vote will always go to the candidate i believe can drive change regarding human rights above any other.

    i live in minneapolis and have actively supported and worked for MN's vote NO campaign to defeat the proposed amendment that would state marriage is between one man and one woman… fingers crossed that tonight we'll find out that equality for all triumphed here! will also be watching CA's prop 37 closely!

  4. sarah yates|

    awe, thank you everyone! @rita that's amazing, i'll be watching to see where things land and keeping my fingers crossed! it's so frustrating to know that at some point everyone is going to look on these laws prohibiting same sex marriage the same way we look at the time when only white men were allowed to vote-as a shameful and sad time in our history. it's MADDENING!

  5. Liz|

    Yes, thanks for the great post today. I agree with everyone on standing behind the candidate that understands that we must treat everyone equally.