well hello strangers!

sorry to have fallen off the face of the planet but we got swept up in fun and adventure in ireland with some amazing new friends jemma, james and jen.  and sometimes, i believe, it’s so important to check out of anything that even remotely feels like responsibility and just be completely free.  we ate amazing food, had as many cocktails and glasses of wine as was manageable and stayed up till (what is for us) crazy hours of the night/morning.  pure, relentless fun!  and i tell you what, dublin is so incredible, we’ll be going back soon!  you can see a few photos from our adventure on my instagram and facebook.

as the sun rose early this morning we flew into milos, greece.  the view from the plane alone was spectacular, i can’t wait to start exploring the island!  i may disappear again, but i promise at some point i’ll share photos of the incredible things we see.  in the meantime, here are a few peeks at where we’re staying. i hope you are having fun wherever you may be!  xx

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  1. Lori Byrne|

    Don't worry about being MIA, enjoy yourself, we'll all be waiting when you get back!!



  2. Naomi|

    Two words: SO JEALOUS, GIRL! Ok, well, that was three… Have a great time and enjoy every single minute of it! :)