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happy friday everyone!  here in the states it’s a long weekend for most, and one that typically involves taking advantage of the last days of summer with bbq’s, beach days, and lots of other fun outdoor activities! as for us, i’ll be shooting a wedding for birds of a feather and then rushing home to pack for ireland and greece!  while i’m away i haven’t pre-planned any posts or invited any guest bloggers to stop by. i’m taking a vacation, the good old fashioned way.  i’ll be checking and posting if i’m inspired, and letting the blog sit as it is if i’m not.  i hope you’re all ok with that!  and please do follow along my instagram (sarahyates) for our european adventures.  we’re most excited about the friends we’ll be seeing in ireland and going to papa fragas in greece. oh! and sailing around the island. we’re also reaallllly looking forward to that!

here are some things around the interweb to follow down the rabbit hole this weekend.

shoko discovered something that i think is genius, take a peek here

this bedroom inspiration has me smitten 

3 sweet little nooks that i wouldn’t mind lounging in on apartment 34

i really really really need to make these to satisfy my sweet tooth when we get back into town

this dress, sigh.  will be trying to find it here (i’m late to the game, this is brilliant!)  

10 awesome homes that i too, wouldn’t mind visiting for tea! 

jessie’s instragram photos are a thing of beauty.  see a few here

i just ordered this to complete our bedroom makeover (!!!)

have a fantastic weekend my friends!  

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  1. Sarah | Chic Sprinkles|

    Have a fun and super relaxing trip, Sarah!! I will be following along with your instagram, can't wait to see all of your adventures. Loved the links, especially the thank you notes & grain free recipe! Happy holiday weekend & safe travels to you, beautiful!!

  2. Julie|

    Have a wonderful trip! My husband and I are going to Ireland in a few weeks also, to visit his family. I'm SO excited to go, as I've only been once before…are there any places you've scoped out that you'd recommend?

  3. Schaefer|

    Those grain-free PB-chocolate chip cookie dough balls are the best! I found the recipe a while ago after my mom (my baking partner in crime) had to go gluten-free and cut as much sugar out of her diet as possible. They're soo delicious, but make sure you blast them in the microwave for a few seconds before you eat them, they're kinda weird cold! Loving the blog, all the way from Boston!