chelsea’s style 2

you might remember this pretty gal from this post. i love that her style has a bit of an edge without feeling contrived.  and the girl can wear red lips like no other. here she paired a leather skirt with a slouchy sweater, and lots of fantastic accessories. but isn’t a glass of wine the best accessory of them all? hope you enjoy chelsea’s style as much as i do!

please visit chelsea’s blog and check out the 2 day creative retreat her company there is no subject is hosting in montauk! so wish i could go, it sounds like so much fun!

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  1. Linnea|

    Gorgeous & so elegant! Her style complements the interior of her home so well! I love it when styles have a consistent theme throughout the different facets of a person's life. Keep the fantastic features coming & happy Monday!

  2. Taylor|

    Love the picture! Where can I find those amazing amber color wine glasses? Thanks!