chelsea’s style 3

here she is again, for my final installment of “how i wish i could dress like chelsea does”.  (do you remember this debacle with pleather leggings?) and can we also talk about how she great her rings are? laslty: the girl drinks her coffee black on ice, which is just so badass. chelsea, you’re rad. thanks for playing.  more of chelsea’s style and her great home here and here.

chelsea’s style 2

you might remember this pretty gal from this post. i love that her style has a bit of an edge without feeling contrived.  and the girl can wear red lips like no other. here she paired a leather skirt with a slouchy sweater, and lots of fantastic accessories. but isn’t a glass of wine the best accessory of them all? hope you enjoy chelsea’s style as much as i do!

please visit chelsea’s blog and check out the 2 day creative retreat her company there is no subject is hosting in montauk! so wish i could go, it sounds like so much fun!

chelsea’s style

meet my friend chelsea!  she’s the co-founder of no subject and girl behind all of the above blog- she inspires me in so many ways!  she also has amazing personal style and is basically living in one of my dream homes- full of spanish architectural details, brass, amazing vintage furniture finds and all sorts of other fantastic girliness that makes my heart pitter patter.  i’m going to help her learn a bit more about her camera so she can take photos as she decorates this little jem of a home for her blog…can’t wait to see what she dreams up!

chelsea is also a girl who knows how to accesorize!  i’m loving her stacks of rings, totally planning on working that into my wardrobe.  and her graphic sundress from urban outfitters looks so comfortable, easy and stylish without trying: exactly the kind of dress i live in during the summer. { a few graphic maxi dresses i’m loving right now: 1. 2. 3. 4. }

{and yes, that is a new DOMINO magazine she’s reading! i think there was a collective squeal from the internet the day that came out…}