it was delicious, thanks for asking

vintage fur stole borrowed from lucy on her cross country adventure. 

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  1. Georgia|

    Wowser, look at that tongue! I've recently discovered your blog and very much enjoying taking a look around. Your pups are gorgeous!

  2. Kate|

    I mean….I have no words. I LOVE that you incorporate your lovely four legged friend in to your posts. The shots of your home are stunning…your bedroom inspired me to re-think what I had planned originally for the walls (paint one accent wall a bright color) and maybe do a design of some sort…hmm.
    <3 Kate

  3. Alexa|

    Um. The coolest photo ever. My dog looks like that after he steals something from the table. Without the fur wrap. Ha.

  4. susana|

    I love this picture….
    I have a lovely picture of sweet dog in my blog. your name is TEJO
    I hope you like!
    Can i share your blog in my blog?


  5. Violetta Dickson|

    That is HILARIOUS! I just positively LOVE animals! It is wonderful that you incorporate yours into your posts.