holiday party ingredients pt 2: the invite!

i have no formal design training, so don’t judge me if you think this is lame. but here’s the invite i made for my girls holiday party. i got lots of compliments on it! i sent out a digital invite because i’m so green {read: cheap and lazy}. no shame! if you have photoshop and want to use this for your own holiday party, birthday celebration, or whatever, you can download the larger/editable psd file here!

*names and details have been changed to protect me from interweb weirdos, my party is not tonight and if you googlemap 5555 avenue of sarah yates you will be sorely disappointed.

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  1. Jocelyn Duke|

    Hahaha! Interweb wierdos! They do tend to lurk in cyberspace don't they!

  2. Brittany|

    You have killer style and I love the invite! (I clicked on the downloadable link and it didn't seem to be working, I'd love to use it!)

  3. sarah yates|

    thanks brittany! sorry about that, copy and paste this into your browser and it should start downloading right away!