holiday ingredients pt 3: gold flatware!

i’ve been hunting gold flatware like a tiger hunts a well-fed gazelle in kenya, relentlessly and with killer focus! i wanted modern, clean pieces without all the ornate detailing that gold flatware tends to have. SO hard to find! and then i found these. they’re perfect! (i do wish they came with a salad fork and maybe a desert fork (spoon?) so i could make fancypants table settings every once in awhile. but when i’m being honest with myself i know that our guests are lucky if they get a home-cooked meal rather than indian takeout, nevermind multiple courses! so here it is, the next ingredient to my holiday party! my girls will be eating their yummies with these shiny gold lovelies. (they can be purchased here, and just a heads up: they’re on major sale!) HO HO HO!

holiday party ingredients pt 2: the invite!

i have no formal design training, so don’t judge me if you think this is lame. but here’s the invite i made for my girls holiday party. i got lots of compliments on it! i sent out a digital invite because i’m so green {read: cheap and lazy}. no shame! if you have photoshop and want to use this for your own holiday party, birthday celebration, or whatever, you can download the larger/editable psd file here!

*names and details have been changed to protect me from interweb weirdos, my party is not tonight and if you googlemap 5555 avenue of sarah yates you will be sorely disappointed.

holiday party ingredients pt 1

i’m having a little holiday party at our place this year (yikes, hosting is sooo scary!) and i’ve started shopping around for all the little things you don’t think about when you commit to having 20-30 of your girlfriends over. like glasses. i’m not the type to serve my fancy party drink in plastic cups. so i found these on etsy: vintage cocktail glasses with gold numbers. i just about cried with joy! so i’ve got glasses for 8, and i’m betting on us having enough short mason jars to just make up the difference. now on to plates, napkins, decor, silverware, food….oh sweet baby jesus i’m in over my head! i’ll keep you posted as i scramble to pull this off.