holiday ingredients pt 3: gold flatware!

i’ve been hunting gold flatware like a tiger hunts a well-fed gazelle in kenya, relentlessly and with killer focus! i wanted modern, clean pieces without all the ornate detailing that gold flatware tends to have. SO hard to find! and then i found these. they’re perfect! (i do wish they came with a salad fork and maybe a desert fork (spoon?) so i could make fancypants table settings every once in awhile. but when i’m being honest with myself i know that our guests are lucky if they get a home-cooked meal rather than indian takeout, nevermind multiple courses! so here it is, the next ingredient to my holiday party! my girls will be eating their yummies with these shiny gold lovelies. (they can be purchased here, and just a heads up: they’re on major sale!) HO HO HO!

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Reader Comments

  1. WWGwynethDo|

    Oh my god, you have no idea! I bought these great black and gold plates for Thanksgiving and had to borrow old, ornate gold flatware from my mom because I couldn't find ANYTHING I liked. Loving you right now.

  2. sarah yates|

    HA! so you were hunting too! so happy to help, i know what a frustrating search this one is!

  3. Shannyn|

    I die…I've been looking for the exact same thing for ages, and all the lovely pieces I found were completely out of my price range. I definitely just bought these without thinking twice. THANK YOU! Have a fun party! =)

  4. Karen|

    Merry Christmas to me! I will definitely be buying these. Have also been on the hunt and these are perfect!

  5. Krysta|

    Love these and just bought myself a set! We were actually looking for modern and affordable gold flatware to register for!