Which Floor Lamp is Best for Reading and Crafts?

Which Floor Lamp is Best for Reading and Crafts?

Using floor lamps in your interior is an effortless way to create a beautiful, cozy, and inviting space in your home.

Its tall and sleek appearance creates your interior’s sophisticated and inviting aura.

These lamps add to the aesthetics of your home and provide an appropriate provision for reading or crafting activities for kids.

There are so many types of floor lamps that choosing one that fits your requirements becomes a tedious task.

While a one-floor lamp may appear extremely attractive, it may not provide ample light. Similarly, another one may be budget-friendly but doesn’t go with your interior.

To help you choose that perfect floor lamp for yourself, we have compiled a list of some amazingly beautiful lamps.

These lamps are functional and budget-friendly and can instantly brighten up your space. Let’s get started:

1. O’Bright Dimmable LED Pharmacy Floor Lamp 

O’Bright Dimmable LED Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Available in a gorgeous antique brass color, this floor lamp is perfect for adding a touch of warmth to your interior.

Boasting a flexible and adjustable arm with a dimmable lighting system, this lamp can work well for reading as well as creating comfy aesthetics for your home.

It has a swivel head that lets you move the direction of light the way you want. With its sturdy build and stunning look, this lamp is a must-buy at $74.

2. FIRVRE Green Glass Bankers Floor Lamp 

FIRVRE Green Glass Bankers Floor Lamp

Carrying a refreshing charm, this green glass lamp is a treat to your eyes. Its sleek appearance and antique look will add a touch of vintage to your interior.

It has an adjustable arm with a pull-chain switch. The pull chain switch is an added advantage besides giving it a more classy look.

The brass base is heavy enough to stand upright on the floor but not so heavy that you can’t move it around from one place to another.

Available at a price of about $95.99, it’s perfect for homes with a grand millennial interior.

3. PARTPHONER Floor Lamp


If you want to keep it simple and elegant, this beautiful matte black minimalistic floor lamp is the best one you can get.

With a flexible neck and a tall build, this smooth floor lamp boasts a foot-operated switch. A convenient feature indeed!

It has a stunning and sleek finish to add a hint of glam to your space. Available at a budget price of $29.99, it should definitely be on your list of things to buy.

It offers a provision to set your light setting out of three color temperature bulbs.

4. Arc Floor Lamp with Dimmer

Arc Floor Lamp with Dimmer

This stylish and appealing arc-shaped floor lamp can be a wonderful addition to your home. Its rich and classic design is perfect for enhancing your decor while also being ideal for study purposes.

Its arc design tends to focus light on books wonderfully. The beige lampshade helps in creating a nice ambiance for your living room or study.

It also has a rotatable head that helps in directing the light wherever you want. It consists of a 9W LED bulb that offers just ample light to make your reading a delightful experience.

You can get it at about $51.99 at Amazon.

5. Regency Hill Jenson Traditional Adjustable Lamp

Regency Hill Jenson Traditional Adjustable Lamp

A gorgeous designer floor lamp for giving your home a luxurious touch. You can place it next to a sofa or reading table to bring out the look of your interior beautifully.

It has an adjustable pole, but the lamp head can’t be adjusted. Featuring a dark bronze finish, this floor lamp by Regency Hill is a treat to the eyes.

It has a 7-foot-long cord and a downward light system, which makes it perfect for making crafts or reading.

Available at $129.99, this lamp may be a little higher in cost but is totally worth the price.

6. KS KINGSTAR Sofa Standing Floor lamp

KS KINGSTAR Sofa Standing Floor lamp

If you want a reading lamp that not only does the task but also makes for a stunning decor item for your interior, go for this one.

Equipped with a remote control, this lamp is as versatile as it could get. The hollow circular design looks stunning and distributes the light evenly.

The description says that it can be installed pretty quickly. You can easily control it from the comfort of your bed or sofa as it offers a remote control range of about 32 ft.

It’s also quite affordable, being available at only $30.99.


Whether you are looking for a floor lamp specifically for reading or craft purposes or just as an item of the interior, there are a few things you can consider. These things can be design, bulb options, adjustability, and energy efficiency.

The choice can always be subjective, depending on people’s needs and preferences. Ultimately, an ideal floor lamp is a result of both functionality and a personal sense of style.

So, if you are looking for a floor lamp for yourself, you can go through our abovementioned list of floor lamps and choose one accordingly.

Hope you loved reading the article. Let us know in the comments.

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