What Are the Pros and Cons of Opting for An Open Kitchen-Living Room Design

What Are the Pros and Cons of Opting for An Open Kitchen-Living Room Design?

The concept of open kitchen-living room design is popular in modern interior design. It is another way to perceive and utilize our living spaces. This innovation in design fades the boundaries between the kitchen and living room.

Creating a connection between the kitchen and living room increases the interaction between people in both rooms. There are certain pros and cons in this type of room design.

As we know, it increases social engagement between families. It allows the guests to move from the living room to the kitchen and build an interaction. The open layout creates an illusion of a bigger space.

At the same time, there are disadvantages: the mess in the kitchen is open to everyone in the living room. Sometimes, it is unimpressive and may disturb the guests. The odor from the kitchen may disrupt a gathering. Lack of privacy to cook peacefully would be a major drawback.

Let us see the pros and cons of the open kitchen-living room concept in this article.

Pros of Open Kitchen-Living Room Design

1. Bright and Spacious

Bright and Spacious

As the concept is an open kitchen-living room design, it is definitely a combination of two rooms. This concept provides a bigger space in the room. The walls in between will be removed, and there will be a small counter which will connect the rooms. This will create an illusion of a bigger space. The kitchen will get more ventilation as it is open. The light from the living room will also serve the kitchen.

2. Socialising


Another benefit of an open kitchen is that the person cooking in the kitchen is not left out. During family get-together parties, or even on usual Sundays, the person cooking in the kitchen will feel more connected. This is the major pro of this concept: they will not feel lonely while cooking. Conversation during cooking and interaction will keep them active. Even though others can help the person prepare the meal, it would be easy to do by sitting in the living room.

3. Larger Space

Larger Space

As mentioned, it gives larger space and keeps it more spacious. As the living room will be the house’s entrance, combined with an open kitchen will make it look larger and more spacious. The size of the house is the same, but the open area gives an illusion of a bigger space. Probably, the absence of the wall will give more space to adjust the furniture. You can place some extra furniture or leave space free to walk.

Cons of Open Kitchen-Living Room Design

1. Cannot Hide the Mess

 Cannot Hide the Mess

Though the open kitchen-living room has the best and most humungous advantages, its drawback is something that cannot be compromised. The first drawback would be the mess in the kitchen. The open kitchen is fine to flaunt the fancy appliances, but you cannot hide the mess. While cooking, naturally, that mess happens, but sometimes, the mess in the kitchen will disturb the whole mood. As it is the continuation of the living room, it may disturb the living room environment, too.

2. Cooking Odor

Cooking Odor

As mess happens in the kitchen, one more major problem you cannot avoid is the odor. It may be the smell of garbage, sink, or even sometimes raw smell. This is a major drawback when it comes to the open kitchen. The odor sometimes spreads throughout the house. Specific dishes, while cooked, will give some odor, which a few people cannot tolerate. This will be a major concern when you opt for an open kitchen-living room design.

3. Noise and Disturbance

 Noise and Disturbance

When one of the smelling senses is the drawback, another hearing sense is also another drawback. The noise not only from the kitchen but from both sides will disturb. While everyone is chilling in the living room when a kitchen appliance is used. It will disturb the mood of the people in the living room. Similarly, while cooking, the TV noise will disrupt the peace of cooking sometimes. Since the kitchen and living room are close enough, even the smallest of noise will be disturbing.

4. Lack of Privacy

Lack of Privacy

Privacy does matter while cooking. Cooking is an art form, and cooking for your family is something special for everyone. The person cooking in the kitchen needs some privacy to think and do as they want to execute it. Few people love privacy while cooking, and sometimes, it will avoid disturbing their flow. If you are a person who loves cooking, you want to enjoy it in peace. An open kitchen is not your type. You can take a break, have a cup of tea and cook. If the rest of the family is connected, it will not be possible.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the concept has its advantages and disadvantages. The open kitchen living room ideas solely depend on your choice and taste. If you want to have an interactive space while cooking with your family, have some fun cooking and build a conversation.

This design will be your best bet. This concept is one of the revolutions in contemporary interior design. This has been popular recently for its versatility and flexibility to build it. The open kitchen also expands the space and gives more light to the kitchen area from the living room.

If you want privacy during cooking, it is best not to choose this option. The open kitchen has some major drawbacks, as we discussed above, the odor from the kitchen. It will disturb the living room environment, too. So, considering the analysis of the pros and cons of the open kitchen-living room design, it depends on the owner’s taste.

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