Where Can I Buy Authentic Coastal Chandeliers

Coastal-themed chandeliers have gained enormous popularity in the recent days. Back then, chandeliers were associated with aristocracy and could be afforded only by well-offs. Nowadays, they are very much affordable and can be tailored to suit one’s preference.

Chandeliers are one of the best aesthetically pleasing home decor elements. They are capable of capturing attention and making a bold statement. It sets a good ambiance with its elegant lighting.

Chandeliers come in various designs and materials for you to choose from. Coastal chandeliers are capable of bringing the outdoors in with the use of coastal materials like seashells, ropes, and bamboo. Apart from being elegant, they have a good resale market.

Scroll down to know the places where you can buy authentic chandeliers.

Where to Buy Authentic Coastal-Styled Chandeliers?

We understand it can be quite perplexing to decide where and how to buy authentic chandeliers. We’ve got you covered. Here are some places where you can buy them.

1. Specialized Lighting Stores

Specialized Lighting Stores

Buying a coastal chandelier from a specialized lighting store can be a good idea. Many specialized lighting stores have plenty of designs and materials. You can consult with a specialist, or the salesperson will walk you through and help you choose one for your house.

You can book an appointment with a specialist and take them home to have a look at your space and the nature of the locality (whether it is humid or airy) and pick the best one for you. You can specifically ask for chandeliers such as beach house chandeliers or beach glass chandeliers. The staff will assist you with finding the best one.

2. Finding Local Lighting Stores

Finding Local Lighting Stores

Every locality will have a lighting store. Unlike specialized lighting stores, there will be fewer chandeliers. But you can get the satisfaction of buying a chandelier by putting it to the test and being in a locality where you can negotiate with them and take home the best one.

The cons are they will not have a lot of chandeliers. You will either have to settle with what is there in the shop or request them to get some more stock.

3. High-End Home Decor Boutiques

High-End Home Decor Boutiques

The best thing about buying a coastal chandelier from a high-end home decor boutique is you can get superior craftsmanship. High-end boutiques are more likely to use supreme quality materials to make chandeliers.

The cherry on top is the expert assistance that comes with it. Most high-end home decor boutiques hire experts to enhance customer satisfaction.

4. Reputable Online Marketplace

Reputable Online Marketplace

Reputable marketplaces often have a wide variety of products. If you search specifically for a coastal chandelier, the search results will be funneled down, and you can choose the one that suits you best. Reputable marketplaces have 24*7 customer assistance online.

The benefit of buying your coastal chandelier from an online marketplace is that you can see reviews of customers with images, which is an advantage. You can analyze all the designs and come up with one.

You can compare prices from various online marketplaces and find the best and most affordable one. This takes a lot of effort in the case of buying from shops. Most marketplaces offer free delivery and installation. This eases up your work. With just a phone call, you can get your chandelier fixed and repaired, if any.

5. Directly from Designers or Artisans

Directly from Designers or Artisans

Buying your coastal chandelier directly from the designer or artisans can cut off a lot of effort and money. The usual process is they design a chandelier and distribute them to the shops. Since the middlemen are eliminated, you can buy the chandelier for the best price.

You can communicate with the designers and make custom-designed chandeliers. Moreover, it is a moral support rendered to small business owners.

Price Factor and Budget Consideration

Price Factor and Budget Consideration

The price of chandeliers ranges from $50 to $5000 and even more. Many factors include brand value, materials used, designs, and chandelier size.

  • Under $100: The Sky Talent Fish Chandelier costs $103. This is budget-friendly, neat, and simplistic. This can fit in small and closely packed spaces. This beach chandelier lighting will suit you just right.
  • Under $200: This LITFAD chandelier has a simple design with ropes and lights. They give nautical vibes. This can be a better option if you want a minimalistic and budget-friendly Coastal chandelier.
  • Under $500: The Crystaroma chandelier costs $500. It comes with a decent price and a decent design. The seashell-inspired design brings the coastal vibe indoors.
  • Under $2000: The Elk Home chandelier costs $1598. It is elegant and throws nautical vibes. Buy this without a second thought if you are looking for a mid-ranged yet elegant chandelier.

Final Thoughts

The chandelier market is surging because of their ability to light up your space and add elegance to the indoors. For people who live away from the coastal region, these chandeliers bring a sense of contentment and nostalgia. Moreover, they can draw the guests’ attention and can be a striking focal point.

These chandeliers are crafted with diverse materials, including sea shells, driftwood, and sea glass, to mimic the nautical atmosphere.

They showcase your aesthetics and personality. They increase the home value. The above-cited list of places to buy chandeliers is specially curated based on the research. Go through the list carefully and arrive at the best destination to buy your coastal chandelier.