23 dreamy modern coastal living room

23 Dreamy Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas

I think every homeowner considers their living room to be one of the most treasured spaces in their home. The living room is where you rest and relax after a long day, sit with loved ones, have lively discussions, play games, etc. There’s just so much that happens in the living room every day. So it only makes sense for you to consider emulating the carefree vibe of beach days.

For creating such a vibe in the living room, look for natural textures, calming colors, and pared-back simplicity. I’d suggest you first list a few colors that you associate with the beach or being by the seaside (like off-white, light blue, etc.), and then look for textures and patterns around it. This blog inspires you and gives you plenty of ideas for decorating your living room to provide it with a modern coastal look.

23 Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas

1. Blue Ceiling

A very calming and subtle look where decorative white beams highlight the sea-foam blue shiplap ceiling. A framed painting tops an accent table made of dark wood. In the center of the room, an ivory coastal ottoman serves as a coffee table with a navy blue tray.

Coastal Living Room with Painted Blue Ceiling

2. Blue and White Striped Sofa

The blue and white striped sofa with pillows is arranged in front of a wall of bright white-trimmed windows. Underneath a frame of the blue and white print poster, an ivory slip-covered chair is placed. There’s no doubt that stripes give living rooms a more traditional and peppy vibe!

Coastal Living Room with Blue and White Striped Sofa

3. Boho Coverings

The modern coastal living room is decorated with boho coastal pillows in navy and white colors to complement the white accent cream sofas. The bottom of a live plant placed next to the sofa is covered in a geometric print cloth. A boho geometric hanging covers part of the window.

Coastal Living Room with Boho Coastal Pillows

4. Beige Sofas

You will love this inspiration if you enjoy a bright environment in your living room. A blonde wood coffee table sits between two long beige sofas in the middle of the modern coastal living room. Subtle color throw pillows adorn the sofas, and seamless bottom cushions complete the look. In addition, their ficus in the corner adds greenery to the room.

Coastal Living Room with Beige Sofas via Pure Salt Interiors

5. Cane Accent Chairs

Adding cane accent chairs to your living room can give your living room a breezy beach feel. The sofas and pillows are placed following a navy-white color palette. In addition, a few live plants are placed to complete the look of a palm-by-the-beach.

Coastal Living Room with cane accent chairs

6. Decor with a Lot of Plants

How many plants are too many? Place various tall and small potted plants to replicate the palm trees and enhance the outdoor feel. Houseplants with green foliage are best for the natural aesthetic. A couch completes the look with vibrant color pillows and a vibrant color mat.

coastal living room with small potted plants

7. Wooden Flooring

Wood is essential to make the living room feel coastal. Jute rugs could be added to soften the space. The light oak color scheme complements the space.

coastal living room with jute rugs

8. Layers of Natural Textures

Chalky cliffs and shingle beaches make a more natural, coastal living room idea. To emulate this coastal look, embracing imperfections is a must. The interior is full of distressed wood, seashells, and broken wood. Wood textures help create a relaxing look. It is ideal for upholstery to combine striped designs with natural fabrics to complete the look.

Product Suggestions – Coffee Table

coastal living room with coffee table

9. Laid-back Scheme of Sun-bleached Hues

You can find inspiration from nature and coastal walks. To keep the interiors light, pick floral wallpapers with a blue silhouette. Team with ticking stripes and orange pops fabrics. Add some beach-themed decors and accessories to display. Place distressed-style furniture with piled patterned cushions. The look may be enhanced with an easy-to-clean floor.

Product Suggestions – Floral Curtains

coastal living room with floral curtain

10. Marine Blue Theme

Mixing blue hues is a coastal scheme with a modern twist. Paint the walls blue to make your living room seem more alive. A navy blue sofa makes a great addition to the living room. The sofa contrasts well with the other blue shades in the room. Decor items of light blue shade or transparent color enhance the look. These soothing tones will help you turn your living room into a relaxing hideaway.

coastal living room with navy blue sofa

11. Shell Decors

Shells have seen a significant revival in interior design over the last few years. Shell prints and wallpapers add a contemporary twist to traditional coastal decor. Incorporating shell designs into the living room creates a modern and stylish coastal scheme. There are several ways to appreciate the beauty of shell objects in the home – using brightly colored shell vases, shell print cushions, etc.

Product Suggestions – Accent Chair

coastal living room with accent chair

12. Modern Rustic Elements

This modern coastal living room has quietness, warmth, and freshness. It does not have too much decoration, which makes it elegant. Darker tones are mixed with lighter finishes, which balance depth and solidity. The wood shiplap cladding adds an element of country charm to the living room.

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coastal living room with middle table sofa cover

13. Peace and Tranquility

The interior is purposed to radiate positive energy and feel calm. So the couch and furniture are reassessed at once, and the floor plan is re-jigged to create an open-plan living room. It creates a fresh, contemporary look mixed with antiques that don’t detract from the lightness of the room.

peace and tranquility

14. Contemporary Coastal Scheme

The modern way of adding a nautical tinge to interiors can inspire a coastal theme. However, the designs go beyond bleached cotton and seashells to embrace color, themed sculptures, loose linens, and nature-inspired artwork, giving interior depth and interest.

Contemporary Coastal Scheme

15. Wooden Wall Paneling

You can instantly transport your living room to Maine or Massachusetts with different wall paneling ideas. Here, a bold dresser adds a pop of country color alongside artwork and a range of knits.

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coastal living room with side table middle table

16. Beach Hut Look

Style the living room to reflect a classic English seaside resort. Light colors and traditional prints can be used to give it a modern look. In a tight space, use smaller and simpler furniture. Add a coffee table with baskets to maximize space in the room. Use colors such as blue and white with accents of red and white to enhance the space. Add accessories that feature seaside motifs.

beach hut look

17. Hamptons Chic

This look is a fusion of elegance and simplicity. The layout and ornamental pieces are some of the features that make it very homely. You can opt for fitted upholstery with smart piping and a stripe in navy blue. Dark wood furniture is perfect for this scheme. An oversized lamp, artwork, or even a salvaged ship’s wheel can add to the look.

Product Suggestions – Middle Table

coastal living room with oversized lamps & middle table

18. Add Wallpaper

Apply the coastal color scheme of breezy blue and white. Weathered wood furniture and rustic woven matting will enhance the look. Plank wallpaper is a good way to mimic the look of sun-bleached wood paneling. Finally, place a bookcase or shelving unit in your room, a tool that can display your coastal finds like shells, pebbles, etc.

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19. Blue-themed shelving

The feel of the boathouse has the mid-blues softened with warm neutrals and natural textures. Give the room structure a corner sofa. It is the most effective way to define space. Complete the look with hard-wearing materials such as broad-weave linen upholstery, heavy-gauge cotton, and deep-dyed denim for no-nonsense comfort, etc. A pop of red can add color to the look.

blue themed shelving

20. Mediterranean Style

A simple combination of blue and white with a Mediterranean-chic pattern will do the work. The white color wall can be softened with an oatmeal-colored sofa, washed-oak furniture, and weathered wood picture frames. The room will look more elegant if the living room storage ideas and artwork are arranged symmetrically. At last, add a layer of rustic charm with hammered metal accent pieces.

Mediterranean style

21. Turquoise Coffee Table

Sofas with gray and cream vertical stripes decorate this quaint living room. Wicker baskets add style and storage to this turquoise coffee table with a natural wood top. Pale blue walls are adorned with a round, distressed white wood mirror above the couch.

Turquoise Coffee Table

22. Painted Vintage Rattan Chairs

It features a classic and clean-lined fireplace surrounded by aqua, white, and natural brown elements. Across from sea foam, a blue center table sits a painted rattan chair with white cushions. A brown rug and light wicker blinds add earthiness to the room.

Painted Vintage Rattan Chairs

23. White Sofa and Coffee Table

The solid white coffee table complements the cozy white sofa on top of a sturdy natural rug with navy trim. An arrangement of wooden framed tree prints can be found behind the sofa in a grid pattern. Throw pillows and end tables in navy blue, adding depth to the seating area.

Product Suggestions – White Sofa

coastal living room with white sofa and coffee table

That’s all for now! We hope the blog has helped you identify the best suitable design for your living room to give it a modern coastal look. Happy curating!

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