What's the Difference Between Boho and Bohemian?

What’s the Difference Between Boho and Bohemian?

Did you know that Boho and Bohemian are often used interchangeably? Yes, these terms are almost coined as synonyms for each other. Many of you may also think the word ‘Boho’ is the short form of the term ‘Bohemian.’ But that is not the case here.

Boho is a term used to describe the room decor styles and fashion themes of the yesteryear era. In other words, the Boho styles refer to the early 18th and 19th century eras. Meanwhile, concerning the Bohemian styles, the era started after the 1970s.

Here, you have more modern styles of room decor and interior design that suit the ultra-modern individuals of today.

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In this online guide, let us unveil the major differences between Boho and Bohemian interior design styles.

Boho Vs Bohemian

There are main differences between Boho and Bohemian styles of interior designing.

1. Origin of Both Styles

Origin of Both Styles

The plain ‘Boho’ interior design styles dominated interior design styles that originated during the early 18th and 19th Centuries. The term Boho was coined from the French word ‘Bohemian.’European regions comprising Paris, Romani, and the Czech Republic incorporated these room decor styles.

Meanwhile, when you hear ‘Bohemian’ room decor styles, you relate to Boho-Chic. Here, the room designing techniques started after the 1970’s. Therefore, you will find ultra-modern and minimalist styles of design.

2. Styling Elements

Styling Elements

Boho styles use vintage elements to help you come up with more expressive ways of interior decoration. The colors, textures, and patterns look romantic and display a flair for a more outgoing display of living spaces.

Here, interior designers use styling techniques that go with the flow. Cushions, furniture, sofas, and bedspreads are more colorful and vibrant in a Boho-styled ambiance.

However, the trends work differently with Bohemian styles, which are more often labeled as Boho-chic. Whether you have cushion covers, furniture upholstery of sofa sets, or even a color palette of bedspreads, you have decor items that are more closely fitted.

The furniture accessories are arranged in a more coordinated manner. Above all, the colors used in Bohemian styling are more neutral than Boho’s.

3. Natural Gradients that Apply to Both Styles

Natural Gradients that Apply to Both Styles

Interior designers who follow typical Boho styles use expressive natural elements to glam up rooms for clients. They extensively use natural gradients like clay pottery, feathers, stones, or potted plants to beautify indoor and outdoor spaces of living areas and commercial properties. Colorful, vibrant, and earthy tones are used to design living spaces.

On the other hand, the Boho-chic style uses minimalist gradients to beautify the living ambiance. Here, more grays, whites, and creams are used while painting wall decor of living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, and even bathrooms.

As Bohemian interior designers love couture jewelry, sapphires and stones are generously used while designing furniture accessories.

4. Colors, Textures and Layers

Colors, Textures and Layers

Typical Boho styles use colorful textures and layers to beautify the living spaces of your home. The more colorful the decor is, the more Boho style it is. Add earthen accessories like woven baskets, vintage-style carpets, and potted plants to it. You have artifacts or murals available at most vintage antique furniture stores.

Concerning Bohemian styles, the textures or layers use monochromatic hues for interior design. Within the gray, black, or white ambiance, you have creme curtain blinds that almost integrate into the wall decor. Similarly, you may have chequered black-and-white designs for the carpets. And you may find black-painted antique pieces in terms of wall clocks!

5. Earthy Boho Kitchen Decor

Earthy Boho Kitchen Decor

This is the most colorful Boho kitchen you can think of. The wall decor has a multitude of hues like green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, and brown. This way, you get a rainbow effect on how your kitchen looks.

Wooden artifacts like cane baskets, potted plants, and greens are adorned throughout the kitchen. The gas stove finds its place between the kitchen counter and the sink. To add to contrasting vibes, you find a minimalist design for the wooden board.

6. Bohemian Kitchen Decor

Bohemian Kitchen Decor

Here is your display of a trendy Bohemian kitchen decor. With a monochromatic range of shades like browns, grays, and blacks, this is exactly what a Boho-chic kitchen cum dining space looks like. Table lamps adorn the spaces, and you can get ample lighting at night.

A brick wall divides the kitchen sink and the countertop area. A trendy table has brown chairs around it. Above all, you have plenty of green plantings that beautify the space. The grill gate allows plenty of natural lighting into the dining cum kitchen hall.


We have seen how Boho design styles work and how interior designers style up using Bohemian decor ideas, too. The more colorful the accessories are, the more you associate the theme with a Boho.

On the other hand, Bohemian styles work more on bringing antique furniture pieces into a monochromatic ambiance. The wall decor gets painted using shades like gray, black, creme, and white. The accessories are more closely fitted to pave the way for chic and uber-style living.

You can style up using DIY themes, too. Adding splash paints, including handmade jewel sets, or decorating murals or artifacts made from wood or ceramic are ideas that can style up any room. Be it your living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchen-cum-dining units!

So, which is your favorite styling technique out of the two? Do let us know!

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