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The 15 Best Sectional Sofa Picks for Modern Living Spaces

A sectional sofa is one of the most essential pieces of furniture you can get for your house. Having a spacious seating area that is comfortable and appealing is crucial to designing your ideal living room, whether you’re stretching out after a long day, spending time with the whole family, or entertaining guests.

Additionally, since sectional sofas cost more because of their larger size, you want to be sure your investment is worthwhile. This article will help you browse the best modern sectional sofas and allow you to make a decision based on your own need and style.

1. Mercury Row Merwin Reversible Sectional

Mercury Row Merwin Reversible Sectional

If you enjoy the way a sectional sofa looks and feels but wish to keep the price at a lower end, think about a smaller, more inexpensive choice like the Merwin. Customers of this sofa have generally praised its elegant simplicity and all-around comfort. In addition, the sectional’s subtle appearance lets it blend in effortlessly with most design themes, and the layout is particularly useful for hosting large parties.

This modern sectional sofa also feels quite cozy. The firmness and softness of its cushions, which are packed with synthetic fiber and foam, are well balanced. The linen-like fabric gives it a more upscale appearance while adding texture and a robust yet plush feel.

2. Walsunny Linen Convertible L-Shaped Sectional Sofa

Mercury Row Merwin Reversible Sectional

The Walsunny L-Shaped Sectional is highly recommended if you have limited space. It is incredibly compact, at 77.5 inches broad with a 50-inch chaise, and has sleek, contemporary lines. It’s crucial to know how much space you have to work with when designing a smaller living space and to select furniture that doesn’t dominate the space. This sofa is especially suitable for apartments, dorms, or lofts because it isn’t as large as most other sofas on the market. In addition, because of its reversible design, the chaise may be easily moved to either end of the sofa to fit your room’s layout.

The seat cushions are made of extra-sturdy steel coils that are covered in a tough but pleasant foam shell. For added convenience, the backrest may be folded, and all seat cushions can be removed. To complement your decor, you can choose from various colors, including dark gray, brown, black, khaki, and light gray.

3. Inside Weather Modular Bondi 3-Seater Sofa

Inside Weather Modular Bondi 3-Seater Sofa

A deep-seated sectional offers a ton of comfort that is perfect for lounging around, whether you’re snuggling up for movie night or taking a midday nap in the living room. The Bondi Sofa from Inside Weather is the ideal retreat for relaxation thanks to its 36-inch-deep seat cushions. For a luxurious, lofty sensation, each cushion is packed with various layers of low- and medium-density foams and a down substitute.

This roomy three-seater has a sturdy ash wood frame and comes with various fabric choices, including vegan leather, velvet, and twill. Customers appreciate how adaptable this product is, allowing them to change the fabric and color as well as the layout, frame finish, and stuffing.

4. Chenille U-Shape Sectional Couch

Chenille U-Shape Sectional Couch

This chenille sectional couch in a u-shape will give your living room a warm appearance. In addition, it contains two chaise lounges so that you can unwind in luxury.

This large sofa will undoubtedly become the gathering place in any room it is in.

The sofa’s chenille upholstery will bring coziness and warmth to your decor. It has a classic form, loose-back pillows, and glamorous metal legs. In accordance with the aesthetic you want, it comes in eight gorgeous neutrals and colors. In your home, this contemporary sectional sofa will draw attention.

5. Modway Bartlett 52 Sectional

Modway Bartlett 52 Sectional

This sectional is a superb example of channel tufting, a prevalent trend in sofas. The retro-modern style is fantastic for big spaces or people who enjoy entertaining.

The seating is flexible and may be changed to fit your living room. This sofa offers cushioning made of foam, comfortable polyester upholstery, and a robust spring frame.

This sofa is perfect if you want one that will last for years to come! When ordering online, you have the option of selecting ivory or light gray.

6. HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa

Looking to choose a less expensive choice? If so, the well-known Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch ($420) is the right fit for you. With over 7,000 five-star reviews, the bestseller is self-evident. People adore how versatile it is for any space and has a reversible chaise couch. Additionally, it is available in beige and light gray. The firm claims that it should take 20 minutes to put up and requires minor installation without the use of any equipment.

This couch is ideal for someone who wants to spend less money and get an excellent product.

7. Dream Square Arm Upholstered Modular Sofa Chaise Sectional

Dream Square Arm Upholstered Modular Sofa Chaise Sectional

If you’re willing to spend a lot of money on a high-quality item, you can’t go wrong with this one. The Dream Square Arm Sectional comes in 129-inch and 172-inch sizes and has left and suitable armchairs, a sectional ottoman, down-blend side cushions, and one or two armless chairs. It is incredibly customizable, with nearly 100 upholstery options, including performance textiles that can withstand regular wear and tear. In addition, the sofa can fit nicely in most rooms thanks to its modular design and wide range of made-to-order fabric options.

This sofa will give your living space an attractive and classic look because of its square arms, extra-deep seats, and espresso-finished wooden legs. The sofa’s structure is also outstanding; the wood frame is reinforced with mortise-and-tenon joinery, and the fiber-wrapped memory foam cushions are given additional support by sag-free sinuous springs.

8. Burrow Nomad Leather 5-Seat Corner Sectional

Burrow Nomad Leather 5-Seat Corner Sectional

Your ideal option if you adore the traditional and modern appearance of leather is Burrow’s Block Nomad Sectional. This flexible five-seater may be arranged in various ways to make a warm and inviting cornered seating area. If you wish to expand your sofa in the future, add a chaise, or even build a conversation pit in your house, the modularity relies on a system of latches that can attach to any Nomad Collection seat.

Although this sofa isn’t cheap, consumers believe that its upscale features, such as its top-grain Italian leather upholstery and Baltic Birch frame, make it worth the price.

9. Article Soma Sofa Bed

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Whether you’re anticipating family visits or want to be prepared for any unexpected overnight guests, a sleeper sofa is a beneficial buy you should consider including in your living room. While the Article Soma Sofa Bed appears to be a standard three-seater sectional, it easily converts into a comfortable bed, complete with a luxurious yet supportive memory foam mattress. With a 64-inch chaise lounge that rises up and doubles as storage, buyers love how flexible this sectional is. Overall, this mid-century modern sofa appears simple yet sleek, with the fabric adding a lot of texture and character.

10. All Modern Breanna Polyester Blend Stationary Sofa & Chaise Sectional

All Modern Breanna Polyester Blend Stationary Sofa & Chaise Sectional

Modern furniture, characterized by simplicity and clean lines, is a favorite of interior designers and has established itself as a significant trend in homemaking. With its sleek shape, dowel feet, and sunken arms, this modern sectional sofa exemplifies and embraces modern style, bringing an understated beauty into any home.

The hand-built solid walnut wood frame, cushions with web suspension, and poly-blend upholstery make up this stylish three-seater sofa. Apart from this, buyers also appreciate that the pet- and family-friendly fabric is both water- and stain-resistant, which will help preserve the sofa’s appearance for many years to come. The cushions are composed of three layers of foam and synthetic fiber, giving them a sturdy but comforting feel.

11. Interior Define Marlow 3-Seater Reversible Chaise Sectional

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Marlow’s 3-Seat Reversible Chaise Sectional is a versatile alternative that allows you to quickly transfer the chaise from one side to the other if you’re searching for a sectional that can change with the area. The convertible chassis uses connection clips to allow for easy rearranging. This is an excellent choice if you want to redecorate, plan on moving, or enjoy a sectional that will fit in any area. The sectional appears futuristic and sleek, with padded track arms and a mostly-linear frame. It strikes a good balance between elegance and inviting, giving your area a simple yet friendly atmosphere.

12. Lounge 3-Piece U-Shaped Sectional Sofa

Lounge 3-Piece U-Shaped Sectional Sofa

This sectional is not only large enough to accommodate the entire family without squeezing, but it also has a more casual aesthetic with Crate & Barrel’s softest cushions, making it ideal for reclining. Furthermore, it is built with slim arms to enhance seating space.

This one is manufactured to order, and you get to choose the depth and arrangement of the U-shape. There are approximately 200 fabric alternatives as well; you may shop by color, fabric type, or features (e.g., stain-resistant). If this configuration isn’t suitable for you, the Lounge collection has a variety of other sizes and sectional shapes.

13. Nomad Sofa Sectional

Nomad Sofa Sectional

This boxed sectional is notable for its tiny dimension. Each piece arrives in its own packet for self-assembly. It’s ideal for anyone who lives in an apartment complex with narrow corridors or small door frames since it will help you prevent surprises on delivery day. You can also relocate the chaise to the left, right, or center of the sofa. It gives you more flexibility in tight places, and it’s easy to disassemble and reassemble on moving day.

It’s also more easily adaptable than built-to-order sectionals because it’s modular. Choose from five fabrics, six-leg finishes, and three armrest shapes. Another advantage is that it features a built-in USB charger with a power cord. This allows you to charge phones and other gadgets while relaxing.

14. Revolve Modern Sectional

Revolve Modern Sectional

This Amazon-branded sectional is reasonably priced. It provides the convenience of shopping on the popular platform, such as super fast and free shipping. This sectional has a simple design that will complement a range of settings.It is modular so that the chaise may be moved to the opposite side.

Revolve modern sectional is not as spacious as other versions and it takes up less space. This is suited for tiny places. It comes in boxes, and Amazon claims you can assemble it in 15 minutes. The legs even pack inside the sofa components, making it easier to transport.

15.Kova Corner Sectional

Kova Corner Sectional

This is another modular sofa, but it stands out. It looks like a conventional sectional and requires no equipment to assemble. This sofa also provides rapid and free shipment. It is uncommon for huge sectional sofas, which typically take months and cost hundreds of dollars for home delivery and set up. Furthermore, it has a really soft feel, although boxed models aren’t generally plush.

Another noticeable feature is that it is not configurable, which may be beneficial for people overwhelmed by all the options. The Kova series includes a range of sofa layouts to best suit your space. However, they are all pre-configured and have limited fabric options.

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