Can French Provincial Blend with Modern Style?

How To Achieve The Perfect Blend Of French Provincial With Modern Style

French provincial decor is one of the most beautiful styles of interior decor. It is also a difficult project to undertake, considering how unique the pieces are.

It is also equally important to induce modernity that makes our lives easier. When decorating your home in your favorite style, a compromise is needed.

The whole house cannot seem like the inside of a French castle. Neither is it necessary to forgo your dreams and have a modern-styled home.

Join us as we focus on the merits of both styles and discover why mixing them works wonders!

Why does French Provincial Decor Look Amazing?

Why does French Provincial Decor Look Amazing?

French provincial decor takes you on a romantic ride to the rural French countryside. Here, you get to witness homes that celebrate simplicity with luxury.

The amazing appearance of these wealthy homes has carried on to the current century quite well.

There is more to French provincial decor than just luxury. Including different textures and materials like wrought iron, linen, and wood makes it all the more unique. Wood finishings like parquetry give the style a rustic appeal.

Another reason why this decor remains prevalent is the beautiful color palate. The surrounding landscape inspires the base’s neutral colors, making the home look dreamy.

Perks of Inducing Modern Style In Your Home

Perks of Inducing Modern Style In Your Home

Modern decor is a more recent innovation, not to be confused with contemporary decor. Modern decor is rooted in Scandinavian and German interiors, prioritizing simplicity above all else.

If you follow the philosophy that your living space needs to be clean, modern decor is for you. While French provincial decor celebrates delicate space decoration, modern style prefers plain lines.

With modern details, you see the rejection of everything heavy and dramatic. The lines are clean and sharply cut, emphasizing the lack of fluff and curves.

The aim of modern decor is accessibility for everyone and function above all else. It embraces the use of modern machinery to house the masses.

How to Mix Two Styles

How to Mix Two Styles

There is an art to mixing two styles within the same household. You have to make sure that the result is not chaos but an artful combination of the best of both sides. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. 80-20 Rule

When choosing decor or furniture, remember that 80% of the interior should fall within the same style. You can have fun with the other 20% and contrast accordingly.

2. Scale

While selecting pieces that can be arranged together, remember the scale. This rule has more to do with furniture so that one piece doesn’t overwhelm the other.

3. Balanced Distribution

When you have a couple of different styled items in a room, it is important to scatter them throughout the space. It is softer on the eyes if there is no clear distinction between the styles.

The Ideal Mix Of French Provincial And Modern Decor

The Ideal Mix Of French Provincial And Modern Decor

Now that we have some idea about the art of mixing decor. Let us get into mixing French Provincial with modern decor.

The first task is to figure out the predominant style that you love.

The styles of French provincial and modern are starkly different, so unifying them might be hard.

The question is, do you want your rooms to be predominantly ornate with intricate moldings?

Or is your choice more along the side of clear-cut lines and minimalist architecture?

Depending on your dominant choice, the accent will be the opposite. Here are some other factors to consider while mixing.

Color Scheme

Color Scheme

Both French provincial decor and modern decor have a similar color palette. Paler hues and natural tones are heavily used in both. However, the effect these tones have on the room is quite different.

With French provincial, the colors make the room seem warm, bright, and soft. On the other hand, the lighter shades in modern decor create a cool aura.

The task is to compromise using shades that complement both, like light gray and green-white.

Adaptable Inclusions

Adaptable Inclusions

If you are struggling to find the right middle ground between French provincial and modern style, get adaptable decor.

Choices like large mirrors and simple coffee tables blend into both styles seamlessly.

Artwork is another way you can have a French provincial vibe in your modern rooms.

The rich color displayed in minimalistic strokes found in modern artwork makes them the ideal addition.

Contemporary Styles

Contemporary Styles

Having modern French provincial interiors can also help you make the home of your dreams.

You just have to simplify some of the more ornate pieces to suit the simplistic aesthetics.

The color palette and the design around the house should be somewhat cleaner.

And you can highlight the intricate details of the vintage pieces. The result would be a home that is light yet full of visual depth.

Summing It Up

The art of mixing French provincial in a modern home is a hard task. But with the right effort, you are sure to make a picture-perfect home.

Firstly, though, an understanding of both decor styles is necessary. As you get the appeal, you can start planning the dominant style of the rooms.

Striking a cohesive balance is also necessary in establishing the decor. The right color scheme is one of the basic decisions that can make or break your visual aesthetics.

But you can add adaptable decor and furniture to create the right modern French provincial home.

Let us know your thoughts on the decor mix in the comment below!

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